Dear Magnus // One Year



Hey Mega Baby! So don’t be mad I didn’t write you monthly like I did for you brother. You wouldn’t let me. To be honest, sometimes when I look back on this past year, your first year, it brings feelings of guilt. But then I realize the things I feel guilty about DO NOT MATTER. You are a strong, spirited, loving, emotional, funny, sweet being. You are tough and the most unchill and so freaking cute. You are a huge babe with a huge personality. We all adore you, especially your brother. I have never seen such an amazing sibling relationship. I can’t wait to see how it grows and changes. Lately you have been playing so well together, even though it mostly revolves around being naughty. That’s probably never going to change.

You took a few steps at 9 months and then never again. Now you are finally attempting again with some steps here and there, but you mostly stand up and look around with a goofy smile and then sit back down. Everything must be on your own terms, so we’ll just sit back and watch while you decide when you want to walk, because we all know you can. You’re the greatest Magnus Alexander, thank you for a crazy fun year!

Sight: Wild Kratts is your brothers jam and the second it comes on you fly over to the tv to dance. So maybe you aren’t that into watching it, but you sure do love that theme song.

Smell: I can’t think of smell, so instead I will talk about how much you love to hammer everything, including the dog and your mama.

Sound: You are a dancer. Always bopping to the music, swaying your arms, and our favorite, the head twirl.

Taste: Once solids started it was game on for you. You’ll basically eat anything. Even though you only have two tiny bottom teeth I can hand you a full apple and you’ll go to town. Please please please please please don’t get picky.

Touch: Your hair is long and fine and I’m praying for it to curl. Fingers crossed!


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And Then There Were Two


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After almost a year hiatus do I really even need to apologize or explain, or just talk about what’s going on now. Why I’m back here today. Because I miss it damn it, and I’m sad that an entire year went by and I didn’t write a damn thing. But I’m not going to do it. I won’t do that thing where I talk about how busy I was or make up excuses. I won’t even make a commitment to this being a sign that “i’m back.” I’ll just get right into it…

Meet Magnus Alexander….



Born February 24, 2017. This chunky drool monster is three months old, always being lovingly mauled by his brother, battling GERD, and either super angry or super happy.

He came into this world quickly, roughly, and hugely. Just one day past his due date the 10lb 10oz babe blasted his way into my arms just a few hours after arriving to the hospital.

We love him so much… duh.

second photo from BAMPHOTO

Dear Oskar // 2 1/2 Years



(I wrote this a few months ago when you were closer to 2 1/2 and now you are 2 months away from 3.)

Hello my little love. You are such a funny, sensitive, kind, weird, shy, loving little person. Sometimes after you’ve gone to bed, your dad and I just sit and laugh at all the funny and cute things you did throughout the day. You are honestly a great person to be around. If you like something, you claim it’s your favorite. Gorillas, flamingos, George, Classic Man, Jingle Bells, babies, baths, car shirts, tickling and yogurt covered anything…. your favorites. Something you just discovered for the first time that you like… your favorite.

This age has been the most trying for me. You are stubborn and strong willed and immensely offended when you don’t get your own way. We hit rough patches, but they don’t seem to last long. I think I am most scared of things not going smoothly during the day throughout the week, which would put quite the damper on my current work situation. But right when I’m about to freak out, you take an epic nap, you play by yourself, you say sorry mama, you eat your lunch, and we slay the day.

The other morning you were in the living room while I got dressed down the hall. I heard some noises and asked what you were doing. You said “just playing with my toys, mama, ok?” I said “ok” and you yelled back “I love you.” I still snuck down the hall to make sure, and there you were lining up some cars to go through the carwash you built with your  blocks. You are my favorite.

Sight: We got Oskar a cheap tablet for traveling, within days the wifi stopped and the screen cracked. Going to wait for it to really die and then get one of these bad boys. One free replacement, no questions asked?! Um, ok!

Smell: I swore it wouldn’t, but my car looks like we live in it and don’t use a garbage can. So this deodorizer has been essential in helping it not smell like a fast food restroom.

Sound: He is still singing jingle bells, every day, all day. And often humming or changing the words. Previous versions have been done with just the word no, yeah, tangerine, and we’ve even had a “penis bells.” Boys…

Taste: We are in snack hell. Oskar would live on snacks of any and all kinds if we let him. They are so convenient but such a slippery slope. Our CSA started back up so that should help get back on the vegetable train. And hopefully soon I can get this blender so the smoothies I cram a pound of greens into aren’t so chunky/grainy.

Touch: Puddle stompers are toddler essential.

Five Senses For Friday



Say what? I know! Oskar’s taking a long nap. Let’s do this… p.s. I miss you

Sight: If you are looking for a new show, I’ve really enjoyed Red Oaks and You’re the Worst. And Togetherness is so so good.

Smell: Can not wait to try Le Labo’s new scent.

Sound: Oskar tells me multiple times a day that he is a classic man. He’s obsessed.

Taste: My love of cookbooks is no secret, Nick added this one to my collection and I love it. The mall chicken is hilariously good.

Touch: Really into mock neck crop tops and these jeans.

photo: 50cm

Dear Oskar // 28 Months (almost)


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Hello little boy. What an incredible few months we’ve had. You have grown so much so quickly I can hardly keep up. Which is why I should be writing more down. Sometimes you’ll start doing things we think will stick, but then without notice it goes away. Like when you started to present things you did in a ‘Price is Right’ fashion. You know hand cupped up moving slowly across the item in display. Sometimes accompanied by a ta-da.

The tantrums are in full effect. I am going to try harder to remind myself why toddlers have tantrums and be patient and accept your emotional sensitivity, not fix it.  You’ve also became quite clingy to your mama lately and in the process distant from your daddy. Obviously this is normal, but so hard for us since I need to go away sometimes and your dad wants to snuggle you for like 4320931 hours.

You are so vocal and talking up a storm. You picked up Jingle Bells recently and have sang it with us and its the cutest thing ever. Brings tears to your tear free mama…. well, not really, but sooooo close. You talk a lot about animals like flamingos, monkeys, and cows, your bff George, you repeat lines in books we read, and tell me you want to visit your cousins and friends.

While you are still hesitant around new people and new situations, I’ve noticed you coming out of your shell more. Even the instructors at gymnastics made a comment on how you were smiling more. And now confidently jumping in the soft block pit as opposed to safely sliding in. I’m so happy to see you more comfortable and having fun. I also don’t mind your standoff personality. Makes you such a well behaved kid in public 😉

We just finished your 3rd Christmas. THIRD! We made an advent calendar that you loved, especially since there was usually a piece of dark chocolate in there for you. We visited Santa and you were not afraid at all, maybe it was because he was passing out oranges. And now we are a few days past the BIG day and we’re all so excited for Christmas morning to see what Santa brought you. It was the most fun! You have an incredible Christmas spirit and had so much fun looking at the lights and giving gifts.

Sight: We’ve been using the library regularly and it’s fantastic, especially to find books that Oskar loves and avoid the pile up of ones he doesn’t. This bird book was a huge hit, he really enjoyed Olivia, and currently The Bus Ride.

Smell: So I wanted to talk you about how essential oils changed our lives…. lol, just kidding. But I am interested in getting some to make some candles or diffuse, I’m so sick of buying candles just because I want the house not to smell like a diaper pail.

Sound: We got Oskar a tablet. In my head that sounds insane and goes against all the parenting things I thought about when I was pregnant. But I’m not pregnant, I’m a mom, with a toddler. So give me the damn tablet! It was $40. Obviously the kids not going to sit around on a tablet like a blob all day (most the time). But it will be so nice for road trips and flights. And I can have my iPad back when we travel. Any good apps you can think of? They don’t have to be toddler focused either. I was trying to find one that was music oriented, make a song, play different instruments, something like that.

Taste: Santa brought Oskar this kitchen along with a sandwich kit, cutting veggies, and some pots and pans. (p.s. can someone tell Brio to sell their stove and sink in the US please, dang!)

Touch: This kid as grown 3 or 4 shoe sizes this year. WHAT! I heard that starts to slow down shortly so I can not feel as bad buying super expensive kid shoes like these boots, right?


Anybody Out There




I kinda feel like I’m talking to myself, which is ok, it’s something I do a lot. Actually, I’m pretty sure I am always having an internal dialogue. That’s normal, right? This space has obviously gone very quiet. I miss it and I don’t. Two years ago I was making huge efforts, new design, new features, I felt great about the direction. Then things started to slow down, and now it’s stagnant. Real life became real hard. I even stopped reading other blogs. My attention span became limited to a quick scroll thru instagram.

As a mom, who works a full time job, from home, while momming, plus additional freelance work, and being a mediocre wife, friend, cook, maid, laundress, etc. I have to ask myself, where the hell does blogger fit in. And why. If I wanted this to be something, a career, a way to help support my family, a path to something else, I would need to give 100%, but what takes the backseat, my actual income? my family? eating? Um, nope. So I had to decide that is not the goal. The goal is to get the words in my head out of my head and narcissistically share them, and to document my family, because it is seriously fun looking back at Dear Oskar posts. So that’s what I’m going to do. And it’s going to be inconsistent and probably infrequent. And that’s fine. For now…

photo: Dianna Martin




Bringing Bang Back


bangs1bangs2 bangs3

Over the past 10 years I have been in a pretty steady rotation with bangs. I’ve been fringeless for a while now which could only mean one thing, it’s TIME! Here are some banging bang styles I’m digging. I’m thinking messy, not super straight, french, choppy, maybe a little parted.

1 | 2 | 3

Dear Oskar // 2 Years


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It’s official, you are no longer a baby. Waaaah. Just kidding, I don’t mind. It’s fun watching you turn into a little boy. We’ve been weaning and I was ready, really ready, you weren’t as ready but did great. A few days in I got a little sad about it. It was the only time you would sit (somewhat) still on my lap and I could just stare at your little face. But we had those moments for a good 2 years and I’m sure soon enough you will calm down long enough to cuddle for minute, sometimes, maybe, please.

You know your letters, can count to 16 sort of, love to help with things we don’t need help with, pee standing up, have an intense eye for detail, and a weird love/hate relationship with cows. You’re becoming fearless and independent. We are so proud and so scared. You love dancing, the drums, babies, pointing out airplanes and helicopters, horses, sheep, drawing, suckers, Curious George, gorillas, the color pink, daddy’s car & mama’s truck, “swimming” in the bathtub, going to the pool & the park, swinging, slides, and being chased.

Sight: My parents got Oskar this beautiful teepee for his birthday. He’s going to love it for years to come. We’ve already been setting up his new train set in there and hanging out. His favorite bedtime stories are Steam Train Dream Train and Oh They Places You’ll Go.

Smell: Lately Oskar likes smelling things and pretending they stink. It’s really funny until he does it to you.

Sound: We camped at Wheatland last weekend, our 2nd annual, I’m excited to keep up this tradition as Oskar grows.

Taste: Still working on good eating habits over here, in the mean time, this kid loves pizza & bagels & cream cheese – needless to say our trip to Brooklyn last month went well in the food department.

Touch: Our obsession with sleepwear is well known. So I just ordered 4 more pairs of the best pajamas ever. I’m not kidding. They’re so good.

Dear Oskar // 21 + 22 Months


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetAnd we’re back! The site went down, damn hosting, and I experienced a Carrie moment of too many people asking me if I backed it up. Then I realized I am the worst blogger ever. But on to Oskar…

Hello my little bug. You’ve become a full grown boy. I can’t believe it, when did it happen? How did the babiness shed to quickly and without me realizing? Thanks to a trampoline at your cousins, you have become a world class jumper. Both on and off the trampoline, or your makeshift trampoline at home… a bed. You can jump pretty high with both feet flying off the ground and do somersaults too, although most the time they seem on accident.

Letters, colors, words of all kinds are flying out of your mouth at a rapid speed. You are so chatty, you’ll be speaking in full sentences in no time. You are mostly quiet around new people, but love telling everyone you see hi. Every. Single. Person.

You are awesome and so loved.

Sight: Shows! So obsessed with shows. I am failing. Its such a slippery slope. And with these crazy toddler times sometimes this mama just needs a moment and turning on Curious George makes that really easy. I need to find more independent activities Oskar can do.

Smell: I love the smell of summer, and the smell of a slightly sweaty, sun kissed, sunscreened little babe.

Sound: We just bought our tickets to Wheatland and I am so excited. Oskar is old enough to really get into the music this year.

Taste: I find myself getting off track or lazy with our meals. Trying to be better about sitting down for every meal and giving Oskar something I know he likes (eggs, avocados, cheese, pbj) and introducing new things on the side.

Touch: Oskar’s size is frustrating. He is extremely thin and tall. So I love things like this jumper.


Currently Craving




Lately I have been wanting boxy or interesting crop tops, high waisted weather jeans, comfy chic linen pants, and block heeled sandals.

1. The perfect trouser, cropped, tapered, drop crotch, stripes in a crisp linen cotton blend. From the new brand COAST.

2. Open back kimono sleeve crop top.

3. Cotton button-up tie-waist shirt.

4. Japanese selvedge denim hand distressed in LA. High waisted, straight legged, and cropped. Well done J. Crew.

5. Just high enough block heel sandals.

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