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Dear Oskar // 8 Months


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You welcomed 8 months with a fever and projectile vomit. Your first of either. Seeing you sick for the first time broke my heart and gave me that first scared mama feeling. I didn’t like it. Thankfully it was short lived you were back to hamming it up in no time.

This age is so different from the rest. You army crawl around and love getting into things you shouldn’t. You are getting pretty good at eating solids, you still gag a bit on some things, which scares your dad quite a bit. You love people. When people talk you study their face and really look like you are listening, sometimes it’s so distracting you throw off the conversation. You are a very observant and curious boy.

Sight: This boy lights up at the site of his kitty Norris. Too bad Norris won’t give him the time of day.

Smell: Lately Oskar aggressively sniffs… a lot. With a squishy semi angry face. It’s pretty funny. I’ll try and catch it on video.

Sound: There are da-da, na-na, something that sounds like barking and sometimes it sorta sounds like mama, but only when he’s crying. Figures.

Taste: I’ve mostly been making simple purees, but I gave him some of this carrot soup the other night and he mowed it.

Touch: We got some new summer outfits from Broken Tricycle. The fabric and fit is so nice I think I might pick up some more things in their sale.

p.s. you like that shell sink? yeah, i know you’re jealous.

Dear Oskar / 4 Months



Oh Bubby, you are incredible. Every day more and more of your personality shines through. You are silly, sweet, quirky and observant. You listen intently when people talk to you and study their faces. Sometimes you even try to do what they are doing. Lately you have been all about spitting, drooling, jumping and growling while mauling my face.

No more co-sleeper! You are now going to bed in your crib in your own room. I didn’t realize how hard the move would be for me, not being able to roll over and see your little sleeping face. But you are a trooper and sleep quite well in there. Lately you take a big long afternoon nap and have been going down so easily at night and sleeping from 7:30/8pm to 8am with just ONE nighttime feeding around 4:30am. It is awesome! But of course, sometimes there is a little step back and you need more feedings and extra nighttime attention. I’ll try my best not to get frustrated and remember that it is temporary and you’ll go back to sleeping like a champ.

Sight: Norris (the cat) is one of your new favorite things to watch.

Smell: For bath time we rotate between California Baby and Mustela, which smells so fresh and clean.

Sound: Santa brought a book full of fun noises for you and your papa. He loves Sherlock Holmes.

Taste: Everything is being tasted, especially my face and your fist.

Touch: You are a jumping fool and spend lots of time in your Merry Muscles jumper. Sometimes you jump yourself to sleep.




Visit me on tumblr for random phone photos… warning, you will be seeing a lot of Mischa and Norris.

Kitchen Dreaming



I would cook in you and clean you everyday, I would open your amazing accordion doors and let you breath in fresh air as often as the Michigan weather allowed, your plush pink lounge would be home to my morning coffee and permanent chilling spot for Norris, my Misch would lay on your cool cement floors and give them lots of kisses. Oh we would be so happy together Dream Kitchen.

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{left to right, top to bottom}

  • Bowling for the first time in many moons, Bub and I both got turkeys!
  • Thrifting Mission Accomplished
  • Beautiful fallen birch carved by Bub’s uncle to hold tea lights.
  • Bacon, Barley, Bean concoction I whipped up.
  • First attempt at making a wreath.
  • My bitty niece putting a choke hold style hug on the Misch
  • Shy Norris
  • Our first tree!
  • Pork steak topped with egg and house steak sauce with a side of duck fat fries from Mia & Grace.

Ponch de Leon


Been so busy I haven’t had time to blog… Or breathe… Or know the difference between breath and breathe. Friday senses might come Saturday. However, the Bub did rename Norris Ponch de Leon. Its so perfect. I hope everyone elses week has been less stressful. Have a great weekend!

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