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Yasmin Sewell Wedding


You may not know Yasmin Sewell… but you know her. She is a constantly gracing the posts of the fancy photographers and has my dream job. And as if being a style icon isn’t enough, she also seems like one of the most down to earth chill girls in the word. So of course her wedding was super dreamy and her dress was f*ing amazing.

photos: Harper’s Bazaar

Wedding Week



At last, our wedding is making it on the blog! Stay tuned for pictures, details, and even how we met!

Summer Weddings


In addition to our wedding, we have a couple others to attend this summer and I am almost as excited to get a dress for that as I am for my own (not really, but close). Both of the weddings are in July, indoors, and semiformal (i’m guessing). Here’s a few dresses that may fit the bill….

Hui Hui Square Dress - Beklina

Hui Hui Square Dress - Beklina

I love everything about this Hui Hui dress, the print, the colors. Plus you get eat whatever you want. Bonus!

Green Cutaway Halter Dress - Top Shop

Green Cutaway Halter Dress - Top Shop

I’m a sucker for jewel tones. This simple dress would be fun to spice up with some massive bangles, a belt, and killer shoes.

Mine & Yours Strapless Dress - French Connection

Mine & Yours Strapless Dress - French Connection

Gorgeous. This is my favorite length for a dress. However, this color maybe a little to bridal for a guest to wear. (Hmmm… maybe it can be my sister’s bridesmaid gown.)

Our Save The Date {mistake}



Our Save The Dates arrived! And I was ecstatic… until I realized that I had used the wrong website address. Our wedding website is a play on the word knick knack, and apparently I didn’t remember this, and just sent them off to the the printer. So they are back again, this time with the right website. I just couldn’t wait to share! Plus I have to do something with these useless 100+ save the dates…

The picture used is one I took when we visited Circle Pines, the design is by Tony Godzik (who also designed this blog), and the postcards were printed on maple by Cards of Wood.

p.s. sorry for the crappy color distorting scan

Real Wedding Planning


Ah wedding planning {que sigh}… everyone talks about the stress of planning a wedding. And to be honest, I thought it was all a little silly. And to a certain extent, I still do, when that planning is referring to picking out flowers and linens and what foot to lead with when walking down the aisle. To me, those things are either fun to figure out, or I don’t care too much about them.

The real stress comes when you are to incorporate your family’s vision for your wedding or your vision brings “disappointment.” There are 100s of wedding blogs now, getting inspiration for reception decor has never been easier. And if you’re not a DIYer, there’s about a million wonderful planners to help your vision come to light. But what about when you’re raised religiously and now you’re not. When the thought of  a ceremony outside of a church literally brings tears to your mother and grandmother. When your brother tells you his daughters aren’t allowed to be your flower girls. You jump on a merry-go-round and play Ginuwine’s ‘Pony.

To me, the wedding is Bub and I stating that we are a family now, and we would love for those in attendance to be a part of our family.  While giving slight peak into the weirdness of this family they may be joining… you know, don’t want there to be any false assumptions…

photograph by the amazing Noa of Feather Love Photography

City Hall Wedding


City Hall Wedding

City Hall Wedding

Wouldn’t this outfit be cute for a summer City Hall Wedding? I love the idea of a super intimate ceremony, like these sweet couples.  Sometimes I think about running off to New York (where we got engaged) and getting married, just the two of us. But then I think about how our families would feel. What would you or did you do? Proclaim your love in front of family or friends or just an intimate exchange between the two of you?

dress, shoes, head piece

Brush Your Shoulder Off


I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, and have since the J. Mendel Spring 07 show… and then I saw this…



Linen Napkins



For our wedding I bought a ton of vintage napkins, they were lovingly used for multiple friend’s weddings and have ventured on, but I still have a few on hand. I love using them! So much better than buying paper napkins (which i’ve never done) or half a sheet of paper towel (which i always do) or the sleeve of your shirt (ok, maybe i’ve done it once or twice).

LOFTStudios linen napkins are beautiful, classic, fun, and you wouldn’t be afraid to use them everyday. They use soft, natural, sustainable fabrics + unharmful, unharsh, chemical-free water-based inks whenever possible. All of their products are made of 100% linen, loomed through a process that creates zero water or air pollution. Linen is also highly absorbent and incredibly durable – when cared for properly, will last over 20 years!

What’s your favorite print? I love these stripes (on sale!) and the sketch marks.

The Reception



Wedding Week – The Reception: From what I’m told, a great time was had by all. Funny thing about your wedding, is you don’t remember much. I think that’s why a good photographer is worth every penny. Everything went by so fast, it has been nice to slowly go through and remember the little moments.

Food: Pig Roast by Albright Swine Farm, Charcuterie, Veggie & Fruit trays by the lovely Jessica French of Frenchie’s and Sidetrack, and most of all a fantastic array of rustic Italian dishes made with Michigan grown produce and locally made pasta crafted into masterpieces by the talented Julie Keller, who will soon be officially starting her catering company!

Desserts: Classic Sicilian desserts by Bommarito Bakery. Seriously, do you see those cannoli?

Drinks: Beer by Wolverine Brewing Co., Wine by Shady Lane Cellars, and Bubbly by L. Mawby – Hell yes Michigan!

photographs: Lovella Photography

The Details



Wedding Week Day 4 – The Details: Everything was handmade, thrifted, borrowed, or sourced locally. It’s funny because a lot of people say no one will notice the little things. But I definitely did, I noticed everything done (or not done) that day. So many hands went into the production of our wedding, I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of time and work our friends and family put into everything. And I can’t leave out the wonderful Heyday Event Lab who gave us “day-of peace of mind” and more, Jamie and Terry seriously worked their butts off.

Read more for the full breakdown.

Photographs: Lovella Photography


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