Five Senses For Friday



It’s finally Spring in Michigan. FINALLY! And it’s Friday. Seriously watch out, I am in a frighteningly good mood. Every Saturday morning the little man and I let the big man sleep in and we go thrifting. I really enjoy this time with him and he is such a good shopper. Then we come home, eat bagels, and plan the rest of our day. Do you have any weekend routines?

Sight: I just order this set of prints for Oskar’s room.

Smell: Does anything smell better than a nice french roast?

Sound: Picked this album up on vinyl last week. It is so good.

Taste: This is my favorite snack ever. I’m not kidding. Go buy a bunch of bags. Right now. After you eat the whole bag, look at the ingredients and you won’t feel bad.

Touch: Hello perfect striped top.

image: Harding Meyer - creates amazing large-scale oil portraits, I would love to see in person… like in my living room.

Girl Crush: Jeanne Dumas



Jeanne Dumas is perfectly Parisian. Effortless, sometimes tomboyish, sometimes ladyish, always chic. Those ridiculously perfect French bangs.  She is definitely style icon material.

jeanne-damas_garance-dore_kenzo_ MAR-B4-TL-jeanne1jeanne-damas-2 READ MORE

Dear Oskar // 7 Months


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Everyday there is something new, something different. I can’t always put my finger on it. You’ll wake up in the morning and just have a look about you, like you know more then you did the day before. Your curiosity is strong and movement is quickly advancing, I’m antsy to get things off the floor and out of reach so you can safely explore without hearing “don’t touch that” or “no” too much.

Sight: This boys hair is so long and out of control. I recently found a single strand in the back that is SUPER long. So weird.

Smell: Smell his feet and cringe afterwards and this kid will smile for days. Why do all kids find the stinky foot thing hilarious?

Sound: Oskar’s already trying to mimic his drumming dad. There’s lots of banging on the kitchen table. I have a feeling we are going to be one loud household.

Taste: Loving all things orange: carrots cooked with a squeeze of orange and a pinch of cumin and sweet potatoes.

Touch: A wooden slotted spoon is Oskar’s favorite toy right now. But if given the opportunity he would really like the tv remote or a cell phone.

TV Space


The hardest place to style, the room with the TV. So many beautiful houses out there and so little show a realistic living room. I love the way these spaces incorporate shelving, books, or a gallery wall and lots of storage.
1362645307-3792481073 bestorarchitectureIMG_3306

images: here, here, here, & here


Fresh Face



Many of the S/S2014 shows during Fashion Week featured a beautiful fresh face. Glowy skin, minimal make-up, peachy cheeks, and a natural lip. For Jil Sander, genius make-up artist Pat McGrath added a touch of highlighter to the lids and inner corners of the eyes. For Stella McCartney she went more rebellious with a brown-grey graphic eyeliner. Using a lighter shade eyeliner than classic black is a great way to take the natural look to nighttime with out being too harsh.

I think the key to this look is going to be healthy skin. This long winter left my skin hurting. While waiting for this pink clay mask to ship, I grabbed some Kefir out of the fridge and used it as a mask. Just rubbed it on, waited 20 minutes or so, and rinsed off with a warm, damp muslin cloth. My skin felt amazing afterwards. What is your favorite way to freshen up your skin?

images: here, here, here, & here

Pop Of Color


I love a bright white home with pops of color. A clean slate you can spice up with rugs, artwork, throws, whatever. Painting our ceilings and walls the perfect shade of white was top priority with our home, it’s been fun slowly adding in color elements. Especially with a child, you can use things like toys or high chair, like our green tripp trapp.
AN81 FU01 FU5 V3 VS00 VS1

images: here, here, & here


Five Senses For Friday




This weekend I’m hoping to make an Ikea run (eeeek, Ikea on a weekend!) and pick up a couple cabinets to finish up the kitchen reno. Hurray! Plus start/finish some other projects around the house and sneak in some relaxing too. Everyone had a bit of a cold this week which resulted in lots of nose blowing and  little sleep. Looking forward to warmer days with the help of these beautiful beach paintings. Yes, can you believe that’s a painting?! I love Philip Barlow’s dreamy out of focus feel.

Sight: I need this light. Thanks.

Smell: Sending flowers can be complicated and expensive. I love how this company in SF simplified it and offers beautiful options.

Sound: Kids saying bad words is so funny.

Taste: Speaking of Ikea. I randomly picked up this thing in one of my last trips and it is my favorite! Fancies up your coffee or tea in seconds.

Touch: This sofa is 500 times over my price range, but it looks so cozy and chic. Plus it has the same name as my son. Must be a sign! ;)

Morning Visit



The other day we went to Lindsey’s for coffee, breakfast, and a walk. A visit with a friend was the perfect end to a hard week. Since the light in her house was so good that morning, she snapped some photos and I am in love with them. No styling, no special outfits, no posing, just me and my boy hanging out. More from our visit on The Billings blog.

storyboard014 storyboard019 storyboard033 storyboard035 storyboard040 storyboard046 blog0484


New Look



The Senses Five got a new look! Woo hoo. After 6 or 7 years of the last design, it was time for a change. I hope you like it!

image: a peak at our visit with The Billings, more soon…

Five Senses For Friday



We have a snot nosed, watery eyed, teething, cranky ass baby over here this week. But man is he cute. This weekend will be basketball, all day every day. Do you participate in the March Madness? I make a bracket so I have a reason to watch the games and pick a side, since they’ll be on anyway. Have a great weekend! Go sports!

Sight: Jemima Kirke (Jessa on Girls) is a painter first, actress second.

Smell: Nick’s been using this shampoo. I love the minty smell.

Sound: Warmer weather means I can start listening to this on repeat… as I do every year.

Taste: On the hunt for some yummy meatless recipes, this Cauliflower Marsala looks amazing.

Touch: I would live in this linen jumper when the weather turns warm.


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