Dear Oskar // 10 Months


As I sit and watch you play it blows my mind. It doesn’t seem that long ago your day mostly consisted of sitting in a bouncy seat. Now you are all over the place. Crawling quickly towards the fridge any time the door opens, chasing the cat, pulling toys out of the cabinet, climbing on the coffee table (that’s new as of today).

In places where you are familiar and comfortable you are a loud, chatty, active little boy. But in new spots or around people you are much more reserved and easily shaken. An overly excited greeting from a stranger will have put a pout on your face mighty quick. I bet since it’s summer and you’re getting out of the house more often you’ll start to open up a bit more.

You are so smiley. Lots of variations too. You have a sneaky smirk, a sweet smile, a crazy smile, a toothy smile. I love them all. Just the other night I thought about how your Papa and I probably smile so much more now that you’re around. So thank you for your smiles and ours.

This past week you and I took a little road trip and had our first camping trip while your Dad was out of town. You did great! Even though it rained almost the whole time, had major storms at night, and our car didn’t start the next day. You slept right through the storms and the rain didn’t bother you a bit as you and your buddy Peter played. We have a few more trips planned already and I’m so excited! ozcamp1

Sight: We finally hung the book ledge and now Oskar can pick out his book before bed each night. He is OBSESSED with Where’s Spot. So much so that I have to hide or else it must be read 152 times. Also, haven’t they figured out flap books that’s flaps can’t be ripped off?

Smell: Still big fans of this oil, but would love an everyday lotion for him. Preferably natural, light & scent free. Any suggestions?

Sound: Oskar has started listening pretty well – as in hearing what we are saying, and knowing what we are saying, but not always obeying. There is a  lot of “not in your mouth.” I’m trying not to use the word NO and instead be more descriptive or give an alternative, like “that’s not your toy, here play with this.” I feel like if I am just saying NO all day it’ll lose its meaning and I’d rather reserve it for urgent moments.

Taste: Feeding himself is preferred these days and while it works out well with some foods, it doesn’t work so well with others and he ends up pretty frustrated. I’ve been trying to give him a combination at dinner so he can hold his own piece of bread or eat cheerios while I spoon him some mashed vegetables.

Touch: Dirty feet and bruised legs. Sure sign that this kid is enjoying the summer!

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  • Gaia

    Have you tried Honest’s body oil? It’s really nice. When we don’t have that I use coconut or just plain olive oil.
    My son is a couple months behind Oscar, so its fun to read these and hear about what’s coming next:)

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