Lisbon – Part 2


Lisbon is one photogenic city. No matter where you are or what direction you are facing there is a beautiful view. You are very rarely on a flat service, always walking up or down a hill.

We’re Back


We’re back from Portugal. Oh the bitter sweet return from vacation. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Hangin Outdoors


My dream home always includes a sweet outdoor space just beyond my giant ass accordion glass doors, with room for late night lounging around a fire, BBQing with friends, and lots of plants. Also, as long as we are talking dream home here, I’ll throw in some swimming, a guest house/studio, chickens, and a goat. That’s all. What’s your outdoor dream space have?


Bren Spring 2012


Bren is a young brand created by identical twin sisters in California, I love the laid back pretty style of their Spring 2012 collection.

Travel: Packing


We leave next week and my mind is all over the place with things to do. But one of the biggest is WHAT to pack. I am a horrible packer. I imagine situations that are highly unlikely to happen and pack for those. This trip I am determined to keep it simple and remember the basics. Here is what I’m thinking…

1 / A simple loose fitting dress. In stripes of course!

2 / Cute dressy low wedges. These are from Payless! Cute, huh?

3 / A sassy two-piece. This is the best fitting bathing suit ever!

4 / Have your mani and pedi done in the same color and bring along the bottle for touch-ups.

5 / Sunscreen! I don’t skimp when it comes to my skin. This is great and oil free so you won’t break out.

6 / Cute sandals with a little lift. I don’t know about you but super flat shoes hurt my feet. Thank you years of heel wearing.

7 / Gotta have sunglasses.

8 / A watch. Don’t want to depend on your phone to make sure you don’t miss the last train of the night.



It’s Here



Original Image: Wood Wood S/S 12

Honeymooning in… Portugal!



Why Portugal? We picked it out of a hat. Seriously. 8 months later and we’re finally going to take a honeymoon. We had planned on Paris in May, but Bub snagged a job at U of M and won’t have vacation for quite a while. So we decided to look at the cheapest flights and go for it. Into the hat went our options, out came Lisbon. We leave in just two weeks!
Have you been to Lisbon???


Five Senses For Friday



Go outside! Stop looking at the internets! Enjoy your weekend! I’ll stop yelling… I hope that everyone has nice weather in their town and can enjoy a little outside time. I’ll be back Monday with some exciting travel news. Can you guess where we’re going?

Sight: I can not stop looking at Dan Mountford’s Double Exposure series. They’re all made in camera too, no photoshop overlays.

Smell: Smells like Spring!!!

Sound: Frankie Rose has been on infinite repeat around here. Especially Know Me.

Taste: When the weather turns nice I just want to sit outside with wine and a cheese plate. I’m a big fan of soft and smelly cheese, like taleggio. What’s your favorite cheese?

Touch: Have you worn Nudie Jeans? They look like a good fit, maybe they are the elusive perfect jean I’ve been searching for.

photograph: Peggy Wong

Dream Home: Taylor Tomasi Hill



Taylor Tomasi Hill is one of those girls that you just know is cool. She’s always amazingly layered and accessorized, but she makes it look like she just threw it on and ran out the door. So shockingly… her apartment is f*ing amazing, in that “I sort of hate you” way.

More photos on Vogue.

Goat Town



On my recent trip to New York, Lindsey and I had a little friend date at Goat Town. After some really hard work, it was nice to sit back and relax. To start, we ordered a bottle of wine, split the amazing roasted brussel sprouts, and I sneaked (shouldn’t snuck be a word) in an east coast oyster… I can’t pass up an oyster. Lindsey ordered the Goat Town burger and I went with the cioppino. Even after all that we somehow found room for dessert. It was a controversial dessert, our amazing waiter was going to substitute one of the components that was missing, which is apparently a big no no and resulted in a verbal whipping from the manager. But our waiter prevailed! And we ended up with the best dessert I’ve ever had – carmel, pretzels, ice cream… so good. To top off all the good food and service, the bartender (who was from the UP –  Upper Peninsula for all you non-Michiganders) was playing some great records all night. Don’t you love friend dates?

photography: Lovella

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