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Getting ready to welcome a baby? I’ve put together this list of what we have used and loved or wished we had (for the first 10 months). We tried to take a fairly minimalist parenting approach. The theory was to start with less and add more if we felt it was needed. So you won’t find any noise machines or whoozits here, but it is still pretty thorough.

I tend to be a little OCD with this stuff. When we were getting our baby registry needed, I created a spreadsheet (nerd alert) broken down into categories and then marked where I would register for it, if I was getting it as a hand-me-down from family or friends, or already owned it. Maybe I can find a cool way to share that with you as well! We registered at Target and Amazon, Target is especially nice for those people who want to go to a store and get something – but there are usually some great local store options if most your family or friends live in town. In Ann Arbor I like to shop at The Little Seedling and Elephant Ears, both have registry options. Also Craiglist is a major go-to, but hard to use when it comes to registering. Otherwise the Amazon Baby Registry is awesome. Here’s our [edited post baby] baby registry…


Changing Pad & Covers - We have a changing pad on a dresser, it works just fine. More than one cover is totally necessary, especially if you have a boy…
Crib - This is our crib and it’s solid as a rock and super cute too.
Organic Cotton Mattress Pad
Crib Sheets - We actually have ones from Target, but I’m not too impressed. Even though they are “all the same” some fit and others don’t. It makes no sense. Plus they are pretty rough. I think springing for a couple good ones and using “crappy” ones when you need to is a better idea.
Crib Blanket or Quilt
Bassinet or Co-Sleeper - Oskar slept in our room for the first 3-4 months. Makes night feedings a heck of a lot easier and I loved being able to see my sweet sleeping baby.
Swaddle Blankets – These are worth every penny. We still use them as a light blanket, changing pad, cover for the crib/car seat during naps, everything.
Woombie Cocoon Swaddle – Oskar hated or broke out of every swaddling contraption we tried (and we tried a lot). This won hands down. He was able to move more freely and get his arms by his chest but still be snug.


Even though we use cloth, I still kept/keep disposables on hand for when laundry gets backed up or we are out and about or out of town. Our big ol baby left the hospital in size 1. So if you have a family history of substantially sized babes, I would skip or go light on the newborn size.

Newborn Cloth Diapers – We were able to rent infant cloth diapers from our local store, The Little Seedling.
Disposable Diapers
Disposable Baby Wipes
Cloth Diapers
Flannel Baby Wipes
Cloth Diaper Detergent
Diaper Cream
Diaper Pail Liner
Diaper Pail
Cloth Diaper Liners -  We skipped the sprayer and just use liners.

Baby Gear

ERGObaby Baby Carrier – Use everyday. No joke. Would die without it.
Wrap – Saved my life when he was a newborn and used a lot for the first 6 months.
Sling – I love my sling. SO easy throwing on to run errands or around the house. Having a harder time with it now that he is bigger, so I need to go back to the store and have them help me adjust it properly.
Stroller – This could be a post all on it’s own. Strollers are very specific to you and your needs, and as my sister-in-law warned, you’ll end up with more than one. We have the Britax B-Ready and the phil&teds Smart Stroller. The Britax was our first, I really wanted the UPPAbaby Vista but a friend recommended the Britax and it has worked out well. The Smart Stroller I got recently at a warehouse sale and it is the one that stays in the car now. After going to Chicago we really wanted something slimmer, lighter, and easier. So far we’ve liked it, but the nontelescoping handle is a little (a lot) short for a tall person (to be fair, Nick is 6’6″ – most things are too short). In the beginning the features we enjoyed were: clipping in the carseat, the deep recline, ability to face in and out and switch between the two easily, big sunshade, big basket, and a cup holder… of course. Craigslist has great used options, though you can’t register there, you can always return and buy used.
Infant Car Seat – We were lucky enough to have one passed down to us.
Convertible Car Seat – The research process to pick out a carseat was insane. I am happy with ours, but my first choice was this one.
Travel Crib – We went without for a while, but so happy we have one. It makes traveling so much easier and is great for when we are at a friends house late. Plus this one you can wear as a backpack and only weighs 13 lbs. As a tip, have your baby nap it in at home sometimes before you try it out on the road.
Car Seat Cover – A must for the infant carseat in the winter.
Bouncer - A good bouncer is the best thing in the world. I also have friends who swear by the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper


I almost exclusive breastfeed, so not the best person for advice on pumps, storage systems, or bottles.

Nursing Pillow
Breast Pump – Many insurance companies now provide breast pumps. Check with your’s first. If you don’t plan on pumping often I would just get a Manual Breast Pump
Breastmilk Bags
Nipple Butter
Nursing Pads
Burp Cloths
Bottles – Again, we didn’t use bottles that often so I only got 2 4oz bottles. I actually used these, but I can’t find them anywhere anymore.
Bottle Brush
Countertop Drying Rack
Highchair Accessory
Sippy & Straw Cup or this Straw Cup


Baby Monitor – We have one and never use it. Trust me, if that kid is crying, you don’t need a monitor to hear him. But if you have multiple levels or it’s good weather and you want to sit outside, I think it could be useful. And personally, we think the video monitor is a tad overkill.
Nosefrida – It seems gross, but it’s awesome. Just do it. Trust me. Don’t forget extra filters
Nail Clippers – We have the scissors and I don’t like them, but a ton of people do. I would get both and find out which works best for you.


Bath Sponge – I took baths with Oskar until he was old enough to sit up on his own. I just used the sponge to lay him on while I got out or for the occasional sink bath. Cheap and a HUGE space saver. I don’t know where I would have kept a giant plastic tub.
Towels – Most hooded towels are too small and not absorbent. I would get a few nice ones or just use a regular towel that you keep separately.


Most of these aren’t main necessities, but nice additions. Things we really loved or maybe wished we had.

Infant Gowns - Yes, you’ll get clothes, a ton. But I found a lot of people got “cute” outfits, when what I really needed was pajamas. The gowns were perfect, easy to change a diaper and the nice mitten flaps to keep those baby claws from scratching.
Lambskin - So nice to lay the baby on for playing on the floor, using as a layer in the Ergo or stroller. We love ours.
Baby Booties
Diaper Bag or Backpack
Maple Teethers
Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklace
Natural Rubber Pacifiers
Sophie the Giraffe Teether – I was a skeptic, but Oskar loved this thing. Until we left it at a restaurant in Chicago…
Swing/Mamaroo – We had a simple hand-me-down swing that we got a little late in the game. It did the trick for a little while, but we constantly talked about splurging on the Mamaroo.
Natural Laundry Soda & Dryer Balls
Car Shade & Mirror – I would have never thought to get a mirror, but it has been super helpful and fun.
Baby Earmuffs
Jumper -  Ergonomically and minimal. Great part of our “station rotation.”
Wet/Dry Bag - Good to keep in your diaper bag for wet clothes, dirty diapers, etc.
Baskets – Good for all sorts of stuff: toys, living room diaper station, blankets. I keep one in the closet to use as a place to throw clothes that Oskar grows out of and then sort once it’s full.
Closet Organizer
Travel Changer

Wedding Shorts? Yes.



I’m in love… no, obsessed, with Olivia Palermo’s wedding day look. From head to toe. The pony tail, make-up, cashmere sweater, shorts, tulle skirt, and blue shoes. Amazing. I loved my dress, but this makes me want a do-over. What do you think, would you do a bridal look like this?


Dear Oskar // 10 Months


As I sit and watch you play it blows my mind. It doesn’t seem that long ago your day mostly consisted of sitting in a bouncy seat. Now you are all over the place. Crawling quickly towards the fridge any time the door opens, chasing the cat, pulling toys out of the cabinet, climbing on the coffee table (that’s new as of today).

In places where you are familiar and comfortable you are a loud, chatty, active little boy. But in new spots or around people you are much more reserved and easily shaken. An overly excited greeting from a stranger will have put a pout on your face mighty quick. I bet since it’s summer and you’re getting out of the house more often you’ll start to open up a bit more.

You are so smiley. Lots of variations too. You have a sneaky smirk, a sweet smile, a crazy smile, a toothy smile. I love them all. Just the other night I thought about how your Papa and I probably smile so much more now that you’re around. So thank you for your smiles and ours.

This past week you and I took a little road trip and had our first camping trip while your Dad was out of town. You did great! Even though it rained almost the whole time, had major storms at night, and our car didn’t start the next day. You slept right through the storms and the rain didn’t bother you a bit as you and your buddy Peter played. We have a few more trips planned already and I’m so excited! ozcamp1

Sight: We finally hung the book ledge and now Oskar can pick out his book before bed each night. He is OBSESSED with Where’s Spot. So much so that I have to hide or else it must be read 152 times. Also, haven’t they figured out flap books that’s flaps can’t be ripped off?

Smell: Still big fans of this oil, but would love an everyday lotion for him. Preferably natural, light & scent free. Any suggestions?

Sound: Oskar has started listening pretty well – as in hearing what we are saying, and knowing what we are saying, but not always obeying. There is a  lot of “not in your mouth.” I’m trying not to use the word NO and instead be more descriptive or give an alternative, like “that’s not your toy, here play with this.” I feel like if I am just saying NO all day it’ll lose its meaning and I’d rather reserve it for urgent moments.

Taste: Feeding himself is preferred these days and while it works out well with some foods, it doesn’t work so well with others and he ends up pretty frustrated. I’ve been trying to give him a combination at dinner so he can hold his own piece of bread or eat cheerios while I spoon him some mashed vegetables.

Touch: Dirty feet and bruised legs. Sure sign that this kid is enjoying the summer!

It’s Not Always Pretty


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My Instagram feed and blog, along with so many others, portray a pretty picture. Fun days at the beach, smiling babies, clean homes, awesome hair days (like the one above). Today I realized one reason why you see the good and not the bad is because when the day is going to shit or you are covered in shit (literally) there is no time to grab your camera. Back to the best Monday ever, warning: not for the squeamish…


Happy Summer




Going to enjoy the summer with my boys. Be back on Monday. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! xoxo





Sorry to go all silent on you. After a great weekend with friends and a laid back Father’s Day, we entered one of our toughest weeks as parents yet, Oskar’s surgery. We knew for a while that he would most likely have surgery for a relatively common issue boys run into. I debated writing about it, since it’s quite personal. And I picture having a teenage boy one day being super pissed at me. But, let’s be honest… there aren’t that many of you reading, he won’t be that age for a long time, blogs will probably be replaced with like drone delivered holographic vlogs or some shit, and if by some chance this still exists a decade from now and he isn’t comfortable sharing – I’ll delete it. Sorry Oskar, here’s the story…






A little round inspiration for your Monday.

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Five Senses For Friday



It’s Friday! Huzzah! This weekend we have a lot of great plans. Saturday we are meeting up with some friends from Traverse City at a potluck picnic in town. Maybe I’ll try a recipe from my new cookbook, Feeding the Whole Family, so many great recipes and good modifications for tiny eaters. Then that evening heading over to our favorite spot, Bill’s Beer Garden with some other friends (early so we can get space with our stroller brigade). And Sunday I’m super excited for the Pop Up Flea in Detroit. And of course a (responsibly) boozy brunch beforehand. Hope you have a great weekend planned for yourself!

Sight: This home calls for it’s own post, but I just couldn’t wait, it’s too good.

Smell: Hot sweaty weather is here, I just ordered this fancy deodorant to take a break from Tom’s for a while.

Sound: I like this single from First Aid Kit. The full album comes out in just a few days.

Taste: If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that iced coffee season is my favorite season. While looking for the best way to make some cold brew I came across these awesome coffee guides from Blue Bottle Coffee.

Touch: Every year I lust over a crisp white summer dress, but never end up buying. This one will be hard to pass up.

Bucket Bag



The MANSUR GAVRIEL bucket bag might be the most perfect bag of all time… except it’s hard to find and out of my price range, but aside from that, PERFECT.


Dear Oskar // 9 Months


20140603-194339-71019405.jpgOh buddy, you are one wiggly wild little man. The days of me getting anything done while you’re awake are on the verge of over, but that’s ok, I hate cleaning anyway. Your army crawl has quickened and you can now pull yourself up onto things, like the glass topped coffee table on castors (a.k.a. extreme face basher). You are shy and observant around strangers or in new places, but at home you loudly chat away. “Tickletagot” was your new favorite word for a while but lately it seems to be reserved for when you are reading.

We took our first family trip to the zoo and boy was it interesting. We started the trip out seeing the polar bears swim, but you were mostly distracted by the screaming kids. You get upset when other kids scream or cry. I love the idea of going to the zoo, seeing these beautiful creatures in person and reading about each one. But once there I am immediately faced with guilt. The orangoutangs really set it in this time, I watched as a family in front of us repeatedly rammed their stroller into the glass trying to get the perfect picture with the sleepy guy leaning on the glass. I’m sure he is well taken care of and loved by his keepers, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ll do some zoo research before (if) we take another trip and when you’re older we’ll talk about it.

You are determined, sweet, funny, sensitive, strange and so loved. This is going to be a great summer and I can’t believe it will end with your first birthday. Slow down child!

Sight: Peek-A Who? is a favorite around here. And one of the only things that can keep him on his back during a diaper change.

Smell: Our rain forest of a backyard is in full effect. I like to take Oskar around to smell the different flowers that have bloomed.

Sound: Dance machine. He love to bounce, rock, and clap to music. It’s so fun to watch him react when a song comes on that he particularly likes.

Taste: My boy loves food, just like his mama. He loves munching on a chunk of baguette or croissant and just recently began to suck down a squeeze packet in record time.

Touch: He literally wants to touch everything all the time.

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