Ricotta Donuts


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Warning, these are so easy and delicious you may want to make them everyday. Also, is it doughnuts or donuts?

Ricotta Donuts

3/4 c. All Purpose Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Salt
1 tsp Lemon Zest
1 c. Whole Milk Ricotta
2 Eggs lightly beaten
2 tbsp Granulated Sugar
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
Confectioners Sugar for Dusting
Vegetable Oil for Frying

  • Whisk flour, baking powder, salt & zest in a bowl.
  • Mix ricotta, eggs, sugar, vanilla in a bigger bowl.
  • Add flour mixture to ricotta mixture and mix all together.
  • Heat oil to 370 in heavy bottomed pot
  • Drop equal spoonfuls into hot oil for 3 minutes per batch
  • Drain on paper towel and sprinkle with powdered sugar when cool
  • Eat immediately

Tips: Test a few before doing a big batch, don’t crowd your pot, don’t let your kid turn off the burner and mess up your oil temp.

Dear Oskar // 20 Months


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Hi baby! That’s you’re new thing… affectionately calling us baby. My favorite is “thank you baby.” You love babies. Real and fake. I’m ordering you a new baby doll to tote around since my beloved baby doll I passed down to you was left at the airport. Maybe even this carrier that your cousin just got because it is just so cute and I bet you would love wearing your baby.

It seems like you have a new word every day. Which is so nice because it’s enabling you to communicate more with us and tell us what you want. And is especially nice because words help replace whines. And I hate whines. You’re even getting the hang of being polite and saying “pleeeease” when we tell you to “ask nicely.” My least favorite word you say is “show,” I mean it’s super cute when you say it because your lips form a little pouty O. But your love of watching shows is quickly getting out of hand. I don’t care about a show here and there, but it’s time to set some guidelines.

You’re favorite things are running, jumping, playing the drums, dancing, and letters. You love to yell GO and run as fast as you can. Or JUMP (which sounds more like shuuump) and try really hard to get both feet off the ground. You pretend to spell things, it’s usually O A E O or some variation of those letters. And when you are coloring you often hand over the crayon and dictate what letters I am too write and where. 

These months are flying by and it’s hard to keep up with all the changes. I want to remember so many things. The way you say baby, your sweet dance moves, the way your sweaty forehead smells after running around outside. I’m trying to take moments to absorb it all and file it away. Hopefully it works.

Sight: Baskets are the best! I try to make Oskar pick up his toys before nap and before bed. Having simple baskets to throw everything in makes it way easier… and looks good too.

Smell: We have a a highly rated diaper pail that I use for disposables, but that thing still seems to stink. What is the trick? Change the bag more often? Fancy diaper pail air fresheners?

Sound: I am old analog lady – listening to the radio all day on a super old receiver or vinyl. But Nick recently got this system to try and convert me to the digital world and its working! I got the app on my iPad and have been using it everyday for Oskar and I’s dance parties.

Taste: Food is hit or miss these days. I heard this age is tough. One day he’ll a bunch of scrambled eggs, a couple days later he chews a bite and spits it out. It’s a blast.

Touch: Now that he is better about leaving his shoes on we could get our first pair of slip ons. They glow in the dark! I think I’m going to get him some sandals for summer, like these or these.

French Fries


oven baked french fries
Let’s be honest, french fries are the best food ever. I will never turn down a fry. These crispy guys drizzled in a chipotle aoli look so good.

Dear Oskar // 19 Months



The one thing I could count on is that you go down for nap and bedtime easily and happily. Not so much this past week, you have stalled and turned it into a game, jumping up and down in your crib, trying to get me to laugh and play. Sometimes I give in – but then I have to go. You only cry for a moment before falling asleep, but I still hate it. Today you went down just fine for a nap. Instead of closing the door behind me I left it slightly cracked and watched as you snuggled in to fall asleep. You grabbed your goat, and then your bear. Stretching your arms as far as you could to try and hold them both at the same time. Nuzzled your face into theirs and started to drift off. It was the best.

When you aren’t snuggling the absurd amount of stuffed animals in your crib, you are usually bouncing off the walls. You have a ton of energy, curiosity, and a naughty streak. Which leads to a messy house, lots of laughter, and lots of tears. Not to compare you to a dog, but it reminds me of those dogs they say need a job. They’re so active and if not given a job to do, they will destroy your house. That is you Oskar, you are a sporty worker dog. I have to think of activities and jobs to keep you busy to prevent complete and mass destruction.

This weekend will be our first away. Your dad and I will head to Chicago for the weekend and you will stay here with your Grandma. I am not nervous or scared. Waiting 19 months before having a night away wasn’t even on purpose, just no other occasion arose before than. I know you will be just fine and have a great time with your family. But we sure will miss you.

I’ve said it before, but I truly enjoy spending time with you. I look forward to my days off and adventuring thru our day or weekends when we all can do things together. Our only rough days are when I’m trying to accomplish things other than “fun” – like, oh, my job or house stuff. We’re finding the balance and both working on our lessons in patience.

Sight: Are you familiar with Charley Harper? I’m sure I’ve seen his work before, but we recently got one of the board books with his illustations from the library. It was so beautiful and now I want to buy them all. And I would love this coloring book too!

Smell: We love candles and Oskar loves blowing them out. I usually pick up whatever smells good at Target, but this beeswax candle seems like it would be much better for burning in his room.

Sound: We’ve been listening to this a lot lately.

Taste: Oskar is obsessed with these fig bars. His favorite flavor is lemon and we can’t make it out of the grocery store without him consuming one. They are such a great snack.

Touch: These pajamas (the ones he’s wearing above) are the best! Long sleeves, super long legs, stretchy and soft, footy OPTIONAL, and zip up – I swear I have talked about these things individually and now I have found them. Note: they do seem to run big, which if you are like me just means you get to use them for a long time.


For Your Ears



I go through jewelry phases, rotating between necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  Never all at the same time. It’s earrings turn. They must be gold, small, sculptural, simple and realistic for daily wear. So basically anything by Kathleen Whitaker. I would live in these loops.

Linen Napkins



For our wedding I bought a ton of vintage napkins, they were lovingly used for multiple friend’s weddings and have ventured on, but I still have a few on hand. I love using them! So much better than buying paper napkins (which i’ve never done) or half a sheet of paper towel (which i always do) or the sleeve of your shirt (ok, maybe i’ve done it once or twice).

LOFTStudios linen napkins are beautiful, classic, fun, and you wouldn’t be afraid to use them everyday. They use soft, natural, sustainable fabrics + unharmful, unharsh, chemical-free water-based inks whenever possible. All of their products are made of 100% linen, loomed through a process that creates zero water or air pollution. Linen is also highly absorbent and incredibly durable – when cared for properly, will last over 20 years!

What’s your favorite print? I love these stripes (on sale!) and the sketch marks.

Five Senses For Friday



Happy Spring! It’s not quite warm here yet, but close enough to spend so me much needed time outside. Watch out playgrounds, here we come!

Sight: Sunglass season has arrived! (although you should probably use sunglasses year round)

Smell: Really interested in trying some of these cleaning products. The ingredients are straightforward and conveniently explained on their site. (via The Littlest)

Sound: We got these headphones for Oskar to use on our recent flight, they are cute and comfy. There is volume control on the cord, but I found that if you set the volume on your device assuming that the headphones are up all the way, when they mess with it they can only turn it down, not up and blast their ears out.

Taste: Going to attempt the 4 hour baguette this weekend. I’m almost afraid for it to work out well…

Touch: Finally jumping on the leather legging train. I’ve made a few failed attempts, maybe it will stick this time.

Image here

Private Rugs



Um, YES! (also now thru wednesday save 20% off sitewide at need supply with code FRIENDS20)

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Dear Oskar // 18 Months


LB__1682 LB__1622 LB__1640 LB__1649

Last year at this time I was writing your 6 month post. I remember it well. The halfway to a year mark. And now here we are half way to two, it’s so different but I see similarities. You are in such a big (difficult) transition. You really want us to understand what you are saying because we know that although you may be saying “what is that” you really mean something else. You want to do everything by yourself, or want me to do it a very specific way… or else. And just when I think the baby days are behind us you’ll have a day or a moment where all you want is me and lots of nursing. Patience is the magic word right now. Sometimes it is easier said then done, but I do my best to show you patience so you may learn yourself.

You have been spending Mondays with your cousins and their homeschooling mama has such great activities for you. Painting and digging for dinosaurs in sand. You like to dump things out of a container and count as you put them back in, but can only say two and three. Words are coming pretty quickly these days and I can see the light at the end of the communication tunnel.

I’m so proud of the beautiful, kind, passionate, dancing child you are.

Sight: These crayon gems have been getting a lot of use. They are easy for little hands to hold and really aesthetically pleasing to this mama.

Smell: I’ve been thinking about getting an essential oil diffuser. I’m not fully on the oil cure all boat, but I like good smells and am not opposed to trying things that have little to no risk.

Sound: Oskar is still a dancing fool. Lately his been digging Steely Dan. That’s my boy.

Taste: As I posted on Friday, Oskar loves smoothies. But I want him to eat more vegetables without majorly tricking him into it so I’ve also made these quinoa bites which were a hit and so so good, I loved having them on hand for a quick lunch or running out the door.

Touch: Pajamas are such a picky thing for me. Oskar has big feet, is skinny, and if given the opportunity, has his hands down his pants. So we aim for no footies and a one piece. These are our favorite pajamas. But would love any recommendations!

photos: From our day with Lindsey and Jonas at the Botanical Gardens – the best winter getaway.


For Your Hair



Gold barrettes and fancy pony tail holders – yes please. And these really beautiful french hair accessories.

Update: links fixed!

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