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Five Senses For Friday



This week it was finally above freezing so Oskar and I were able to go for a walk outside. We are getting major cabin fever over here. I know EVERYONE is talking about the weather these days, but seriously, I can’t take it anymore. I need sunshine, birds, breeze, the sweet smell of Spring, open windows… oh open windows, you are my favorite. But I’ll settle for flowers.. or just a pretty picture of flowers. Have a great weekend!

Sight: This kitchen put a halt on my previous plans. Back to the drawing board.

Smell: How smart is this candle idea?

Sound: New St. Vincent album! Look, she went blonde… see what I’m saying.

Taste: We went out to eat last weekend and had an amazing dish of polenta, mushroom ragout, and pork belly. I’m going to try my own version with this recipe.

Touch: I don’t know when I became so obsessed with sneakers. But these are numero uno on my wishlist right now. LOVE THEM! Like that sorta love where I almost didn’t want to share with you because I will get jealous if I see someone else with them.

image: Elle Decoration

Five Senses For Friday


Happy Friday! Any good plans this weekend? None here. I might try and sneak out for a much needed manicure and try a bright color to ward off these winter blues. Next week I’ll be featuring a new Made Series post so make sure to check back in, it’s a good one!

Sight: Have you seen About Time? It’s so f*ing good. Seriously watch it. Watching the preview just now made me want to watch it again.

Smell: Take a bubble bath this weekend.

Sound: Embrace cabin fever with this songza station.

Taste: These muffins look perfect for a quick protein packed breakfast on the go.

Touch: J.Crew has an extra 40% off sale items with couponcode: BYEWINTER, good time to pick up a sweater like this or this.

image: Garance Dore

Five Senses For Friday



It’s HOLIDAY TIME. To be honest, I’ve had a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit this year. Our tree is half lit because I ran out of lights… even after I took them all off and put them on again. There are no presents wrapped under the tree with care. Just a Gap bag of jammas thrown on the guest bed. No cards went out. Seriously! This is very strange for me. I freaking love the holidays and this is our first FAMILY Christmas. So this weekend I’m getting out of my slump before it’s too late. I’m drinking eggnog… probably with some booze in it (hey, i’m in a slump remember), listening to christmas carols and decorating the shit out of that big beautiful tree. Here are some things that will help. I would love suggestions from you as well. What gets your holiday juices flowing?

Sight: Christmas movies! We have a TON, like a billion. Keeping in the Murray Christmas theme, let’s watch Scrooged this weekend.

Smell: In case the tree isn’t putting off enough of those sweet fir fumes we’ll just fake it with a candle.

Sound: Oskar seemed to really like this twistmas song… or maybe it was my awesome dance moves. Ya never know.

Taste: This gingerbread looks amazing. I bet it would be really good with coffee in the morning.

Touch: Gotta be curnfy (or comfy as you probably say) to get in that winter wonderland mood. And slippers are key!

Five Senses For Friday



Yay no plans! Sometimes an open weekend is the best. My only goals are to eat some yummy food, spend time outside, hang with my bubs and maybe even paint my nails.

Sight: Some seriously awesome macrame.

Smell: If you can’t wait to get that christmas tree scent in your home.

Sound: M.I.A.’s new album Matangi. Get ready to dance. (probably NSFW)

Taste: Surviving Whole Foods. Hilarious

Touch: The perfect winter shoe. Yes shoe! Hightop, waterproof, cozy lining. I’m in love.

image: beautiful mother son photoshoot

Five Senses For Friday



This weekend we have a friend in town and word has it, he and Nick will be knocking out some home fixing tasks. Hooray! Progress has really slowed since the birth of the boy. But motivation is creeping back. Time for half bath domination, MORE carpet removal, baseboards and molding, I’ll stop there since this list is making me realize how much more we have to go. Oh homeownership. Hope your weekend is filled with fun or with getting shit done, because that feels good too.

Sight: Large artwork would really work well in our home, I would LOVE to have this giant one of kind painting. I seriously have a spot it would fit (just barely).

Smell: Want to smell like Darwin’s cabin?

Sound: Sometimes I don’t feel like putting on an album or finding something to listen to so I turn to Songza. I’ve been listening to this channel a lot lately.

Taste: This was a life changing purchase, if you drink tea or use french press, chemex or some other fancy coffee maker an electric kettle is a must

Touch: I’m really digging smock dresses right now. Super cute with a pair of ankle boots Although they aren’t exactly breastfeeding friendly. I wonder if I could shimmy a boob out of this one.

image: awesome artwork by Alexandra Ethell

Five Senses For Friday



It’s Friday! This weekend we are going to try and move some more stuff in the house from the garage where our belongings have been living during renovations, since April. But more than moving things in the house, we’ll be trying to move things out of the house. Figure if we’ve gone since April without, we probably don’t need it… but lets be honest, no one neeeeeds a bunch of thrifted pottery pieces, doesn’t mean they are going anywhere. I wanted to have a garage sale for all the stuff we won’t be keeping, however no one seems to think its worth it. Apparently garage sales are a pain in the ass and we are better off donating it all. What do you think? To garage sale or not to garage sale? And since we’ll be getting rid of stuff, time to start dreaming NEW stuff for the house!

Sight: Our bathroom remodel is a long ways away, but this is exactly what I want. Two words: Sunken. Tub.

Smell: Um, of course I want my home to smell like Big Sur. Plus, this company is badass.

Sound: I’ve never heard them in person, but these speakers have been on my wishlist for a long time.

Taste: Vodka made from cow’s milk. No I’m not kidding.

Touch: Because one (specifically me) can never have too many blankets.

photo: Cozy socks. Yes please.

Five Senses For Friday (on a Thursday)


TODAY IS THE DAY. THE DUE DAY. Supposedly… I can’t believe it. I totally do not think this kid is coming out anytime soon, who has their baby on the due date anyway. But as they say “you never know.”  In the mean time, I am nesting like crazy. Construction on the house has slowed down and things are moving along. I just want to clean and organize! Clutter is driving me nutty. This nesting shit is for real. Here are some things I am craving for our home… posting now just in case I am busy tomorrow 😉

Sight: Baby boy’s nursery is ultra bright white (I’ll share some photos when we’re done) – I would love to incorporate some of these little triangles on a wall.

Smell: By far my favorite hand soaps to buy, I’ve been digging this scent lately.

Sound: One day I will own lots of vintage Braun audio equipment. Like this cute little radio or record player.

Taste: We’re getting a cheap-o range for the time being, but this bad boy is the longterm plan.

Touch: Our bed is in desperate need of new linens, seriously… desperate. I’m usually a white sheet kinda gal, but I really like this subtle print sheet set.

Five Senses For Friday


Looks like our insane heat and rain is taking a break. Good thing too because I have some celebrating to do. This Sunday I turn 3-0. Thirty years old, thirty seven weeks pregnant, married and a homeowner. Yowza. How come I still don’t feel like a grown-up? Bub surprised me by booking a prenatal massage on Saturday, which I am beyond looking forward to and Sunday we’re having some friends over to the new house for  a little brunch and bloodies, don’t worry, mine won’t have booze in it. Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! xo

Sight: The great wallpaper hunt continues. Conclusion – I have expensive taste. But how cool would my bathroom look covered in illustrated faces?

SmellLong Winter Soap Co. creates home grown soaps, lip balms, and oils. Plus some of them have awesome names, like Unicorn Farts. Because who doesn’t want to run some unicorn farts on their lips.

Sound: I can not get enough of this album. Laura Mvula’s voice is incredible and the production is unreal. Check out this video too.

Taste: Oh if I had only realized this was possible yesterday I would be eating cake right now, or cake… and crack pie, ok and cookies too. Feel free to send me one anyway, belated desserts are welcome 🙂

Touch: Ace & Jig has been catching my eye a lot lately. Love this dress, bet I could even sneak my massive belly in it.

photograph: Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake

Five Senses For Friday


This weekend my mom is hosting a baby shower to celebrate that little munchkin man we’ll be welcoming in August. I’m so excited to see all my friends and family and hear loads of baby stories. Plus, I’m sure the food will be great. My sister-in-law is a great baker and promised to make my favorite, ice cream cone cupcakes. Yum!

Sight: Super pretty blooming monogram.

Smell: I still haven’t committed to a fragrance, but I find myself often spraying a sample of this Chanel and sticking in my pocket or purse.

Sound: Simian‘s We Are Your Friends is one of my all time favorite albums, but I especially enjoy listening to it in the summer time. I can’t believe it wasn’t more popular. Here’s a track to start off your weekend.

TasteChilled summer soups are my favorite.

Touch: I think it’s time for a pair of clogs. (more on this next week) Oh, and a new beach hat.


Five Senses For Friday // Baby Registry


With a world of hand-me-downs from my sister-in-laws, putting together the registry took some major consideration. We don’t need a lot of stuff and I personally don’t want a lot of stuff. Now I’m sure this may all change at some point. But for the time being I’m going into parenthood with a goal of keeping it minimal. What does a baby really need? I love Elizabeth’s list. Here’s some things we registered for, have, or want:

Sight: I can’t wait to wear this nugget. We were given a Moby, registered for the Ergo, and I am still lusting after a beautiful sling. Love this striped baby wrap too. So many options…

Smell: Weleda is one of my favorite brands of skin care, we’ll use the Calendula Oil for some real good baby massages. And if his nose is too blocked to smell the soothing oil, we’ll suck the snot out. I know, that thing looks so gross, but look at those reviews!

Sound: We would love to bring the babe to some shows at a young age but we don’t want his little ears to get damaged. These will do the trick.

Taste: Little bub’s main food source will be the boob, but we’ll have some bottles around for bonding with Dad. These are supposed to be great for breastfed babes.

Touch: This boy’s bum will be in cloth diapers. And he’ll cozy up with this Pendleton crib blanket.

photograph: Dash’s amazing nursery featuring Sharon Montrose’s new baby elephant print. 

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