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Five Senses For Friday



I can’t take it anymore! I need Spring here immediately. This cold is insane. We’re all getting major cabin fever and I’m running out of activities to do with a toddler. If it was just a little cold I would layer up and head outside, but -20 wind chills. Come on. I finally caved and went to the playgroup at the library, and like clockwork Oskar got sick. If you are in this brutal weather, buy some flowers, crank your heat up, paint your toenails and listen to some summer jams. If you live in beautiful weather, please email me rentals and job listings.

Sight: Give me all the baskets.

Smell: Tips on how to shop a flower market… if you are lucky enough to have one nearby.

Sound: Our first weekend away from Oskar is planned (yay! wah!) – a trip to Chicago to see Father John Misty. The last album, Fear Fun, is still played quite often around here, and very nostalgic since I listened to it during the best part of my labor. I haven’t listened to the new one, I Love You Honeybear, as much yet. I’m sure it will be on repeat soon enough.

Taste: This ginger-mint pear smoothie is so good. Seeing how easy it was to whip this up and how much Oskar likes something packed full of spinach I might have to look into stepping up my smoothie game.

Touch: The perfect slip dress. You could wear year round, every day. Under an oversized sweater, with a light jacket, over a t-shirt.

Reservoir & Wood // TSF Sponsor


Let me introduce you to our new sponsor, Reservoir & Wood. Owned by Erin Murphy, designer of one of my favorite brands {EM} Reservoir and my wedding dress. Now you can buy {EM} Reservoir pieces and more at her Beacon, NY location or online. My favorite part is that she makes a big effort to carry things created by independent and local designers and has curated a great selection. Go check ’em out! And until Sunday you can grab your last minute Father’s Day gift at 20% off with the code FATHER20. This chambray tie would be perfect for all those summer weddings coming up.

Year One


Can’t believe it was just a year ago that Bub and I made it official. We decided to pack up the pooch and head north for a nice relaxing camping trip. We didn’t make it more than 24 hours. After arriving at our site in complete darkness, we had to pitch our brand new tent that had the worst instructions of all time. We powered through, I just kept thinking I was on Amazing Race, but instead of winning a million dollars, I would have a place to sleep. Finally we got th tent up, beers cracked, fire roaring, and good ole Misch snoozing in the dirt. Success.

The next morning after I set the 20 year old camp stove on fire, I made up some coffee and scrambled eggs and we hit the road for adventure. The area around the Au Sable River is really beautiful. Not very developed and tons of secret spots to discover and off roading to attempt… we didn’t get very far, our car is not exactly cut out for sandy trails. Since Mischa is still not healed fully from her surgery we were a little limited on what we could do with a gimpy giant dog in tow.

We went back to the campsite to hang around… it was 95 degrees, humid as hell, Mischa was panting like she had just ran a marathon and the radio indicated a wicked storm was rolling in over “all of the mitten.” We admitted failure, packed up and headed home. Two years in a row rain has tried to ruin my weekend. The weekend I picked because it hadn’t rained in over 10 yrs… screw you Farmer’s Almanac.

Back home we spent the rest of the weekend grilling up hotdogs & foil dinners, kayaking, and getting ice cream. It wasn’t at a campground, but it was perfect.

Five Senses For Friday… or Monday


Oh no… it’s Monday, how did you not get posted? Better late than never! We got a fresh Christmas tree and it smells wonderful. What did you do?

Sight: Have you seen the amazing photos from this sexy wedding? That dress is insane, I love a little bridal side boob.

Smell: Spotted these little Critters at Anthropologie. They smelled good and were super cute. A good hostess gift for the holidays.

Sound: What’s your favorite Christmas album? I like a funky twist on the classics, like on this Christmas Remixed.

Taste: Made this tasty soup last night and have enough left over for some easy weekend lunches. (thanks Joanna!)

Touch: These mittens are everywhere and I want them real bad. I promise I won’t lose my mittens!


Five Senses For Friday


Yay short week! I love me a four day work week. Tonight I’m heading to the Detroit Tiger’s game with some co-workers and have friends in town for the U of M football game. Don’t I sound super sporty? I like going to baseball games… but watching a college football game on t.v., well, I do it for the snacks. Meatballs, mac ‘n cheese, and beer, OH MY. Have a great weekend!

Sight: My bestest friend Lindsey, half of the amazing photography duo  Lovella, launched their new site! Hurray for Lovella! Do you spy some wedding shots of yours truly?

Smell: Inspired by Joanna’s houseplant post, I finally ordered some air plants from this shop.

Sound: Really excited for St. Vincent’s new album, Strange Mercy, to come out. But you don’t have to wait to listen to the full album!

Taste: Finally made my own taco season. Adios you gross packets! Just mix together the following spices: 1 tbps chili powder, 1/4 tsp onion powder, 1/4 tsp garlic powder, 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes, 1/4 tsp oregano, 1/2 tsp paprika, 1 1/2 tsp cumin, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp black pepper. And if you like it real spicy, add a little dash of cayenne.

Touch: The obsession with cute little post earrings continues.

photo: Lovella – my bouquet! (full wedding post coming soon!)

Five Senses For Friday


Sorry for the serious slowness around here. As I’m sure you can tell, my time as been quite occupied. A new job, new freelance clients, AND wedding planning is finally starting to get going. After a month of back and forth, the person I wanted to do my Save The Dates and Invites declined the project. AH! So now here I am the week they were supposed to go out with nothing done. Whoops. I swear I’m not a bridezilla, not even close. But I am having the hardest time finding appropriate stationary. My “no birds, no bikes, no boring” doesn’t seem to fit well with most existing formats out there. Any designers you could recommend?

Sight: Oh Pablo, love these Picasso Light Paintings

Smell: My top 3 favorite sniffs: campfire, breakfast, and freshly cleaned linens. Puppies and babies are pretty good too.

Sound: The new Iron & Wine delivers, as usual. And I’m especially fond of his recent Day Trotter session. It makes my chest muscle swell.

Taste: Last Saturday we arrived late to Eastern Market (yeah, that’s right, I drive to Detroit to grocery shop), and I snagged a baguette 1/2 off  from Avalon… it was almost gone by the time I got back home. Thankfully there was a little left and I was able to smoother on my new favorite, fig preserves.

Touch: With all this snow going on, these City Slips are perfect to bring in to the office for when you switch out of your winter boots. And it is seriously like wearing slippers. I feel slightly inappropriate being that comfy in public (even though half the office wears Uggs). Also for a cold day, could anything be cozier than Cashmere Undies?

photograph// applenoire



I’ve had a bad case of the blahs lately and I can’t seem to shake them. It’s making me cranky. I went to look at some wedding pictures for a little inspiration and in my head I bitchily said “oh let me guess, mismatched bunting?” Ew.  How mean am I?! We’re supposed to have some nice sunny weather all week, that’ll get me outta this slump!

photograph by hatchbuddy

Five Senses for Friday


My o my this week flew by. When I was a normal employee I loved when I blinked and it was Friday, now that I’m “my own boss” when Friday comes to quickly all I think about is the shit I should have gotten done during the week. Time management, when will I master you?!?! I hope this weekend brings some nice weather for fall frolicking. It’s officially October, so I may now partake in cider and donuts. Hurray! Make sure you enjoy yourselves this weekend. And as always senses titillating links below 🙂

Sight: What a cool way to display your travels.

Smell: I wonder if my sniffer is good enough to get me through this school.

Sound: The perfect album for the summer/fall transition.

Taste: This meal looks like it was created for the Bub. Perhaps I’ll be a good fiance and whip some up soon.

Touch: I’m lusting over this dress. I think it would be great for an NYE wedding we’re attending this year.

photography by #anne#

Five Senses For Friday


This weekend I’ll be standing up in my dear friend’s wedding. I am exited and honored. Ok, so maybe the dress isn’t the best, and the color makes me look like I have jaundice. But I got it tailored and it fit great… until I woke up this morning with cramps and 5 lbs of water weight. WHYYYYY must this happen NOW!?!?! Aunt Flo (I hate that term) is a serious b*#$@. Wish me luck ladies. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Cramp free.

Sight: Always a sucker for an good old educational chart.

Smell: A lovely flower studio. Can you imagine being surrounded by beautiful florals all day.

Sound: I hate missing a good show. And I have a feeling Foals would put on a good one.

Taste: Mmm soft pretzels. How I love your salty goodness.

Touch: I need this dress. Yes, need.

photograph by the lovely Lindsey Lee

Dress Before The Dress


I went wedding dress shopping for the first time this week. Although my friend is making mine, I wanted to have the experience of trying them on with my mom and sister there, and you know, just see if what I thought I wanted was what I really wanted. But now I’m confused because I liked things I never thought I would have. Karma for teasing sales people I guess.

So, I’m moving on to dress rehearsal attire. I’m thinking, bloomers, fluff, and sneakers!

photograph from one of my favorite weddings ever posted on Once Wed by Josh Goleman

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