Happy Summer




Going to enjoy the summer with my boys. Be back on Monday. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! xoxo





Sorry to go all silent on you. After a great weekend with friends and a laid back Father’s Day, we entered one of our toughest weeks as parents yet, Oskar’s surgery. We knew for a while that he would most likely have surgery for a relatively common issue boys run into. I debated writing about it, since it’s quite personal. And I picture having a teenage boy one day being super pissed at me. But, let’s be honest… there aren’t that many of you reading, he won’t be that age for a long time, blogs will probably be replaced with like drone delivered holographic vlogs or some shit, and if by some chance this still exists a decade from now and he isn’t comfortable sharing – I’ll delete it. Sorry Oskar, here’s the story…






A little round inspiration for your Monday.

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Five Senses For Friday



It’s Friday! Huzzah! This weekend we have a lot of great plans. Saturday we are meeting up with some friends from Traverse City at a potluck picnic in town. Maybe I’ll try a recipe from my new cookbook, Feeding the Whole Family, so many great recipes and good modifications for tiny eaters. Then that evening heading over to our favorite spot, Bill’s Beer Garden with some other friends (early so we can get space with our stroller brigade). And Sunday I’m super excited for the Pop Up Flea in Detroit. And of course a (responsibly) boozy brunch beforehand. Hope you have a great weekend planned for yourself!

Sight: This home calls for it’s own post, but I just couldn’t wait, it’s too good.

Smell: Hot sweaty weather is here, I just ordered this fancy deodorant to take a break from Tom’s for a while.

Sound: I like this single from First Aid Kit. The full album comes out in just a few days.

Taste: If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that iced coffee season is my favorite season. While looking for the best way to make some cold brew I came across these awesome coffee guides from Blue Bottle Coffee.

Touch: Every year I lust over a crisp white summer dress, but never end up buying. This one will be hard to pass up.

Bucket Bag



The MANSUR GAVRIEL bucket bag might be the most perfect bag of all time… except it’s hard to find and out of my price range, but aside from that, PERFECT.


Dear Oskar // 9 Months


20140603-194339-71019405.jpgOh buddy, you are one wiggly wild little man. The days of me getting anything done while you’re awake are on the verge of over, but that’s ok, I hate cleaning anyway. Your army crawl has quickened and you can now pull yourself up onto things, like the glass topped coffee table on castors (a.k.a. extreme face basher). You are shy and observant around strangers or in new places, but at home you loudly chat away. “Tickletagot” was your new favorite word for a while but lately it seems to be reserved for when you are reading.

We took our first family trip to the zoo and boy was it interesting. We started the trip out seeing the polar bears swim, but you were mostly distracted by the screaming kids. You get upset when other kids scream or cry. I love the idea of going to the zoo, seeing these beautiful creatures in person and reading about each one. But once there I am immediately faced with guilt. The orangoutangs really set it in this time, I watched as a family in front of us repeatedly rammed their stroller into the glass trying to get the perfect picture with the sleepy guy leaning on the glass. I’m sure he is well taken care of and loved by his keepers, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ll do some zoo research before (if) we take another trip and when you’re older we’ll talk about it.

You are determined, sweet, funny, sensitive, strange and so loved. This is going to be a great summer and I can’t believe it will end with your first birthday. Slow down child!

Sight: Peek-A Who? is a favorite around here. And one of the only things that can keep him on his back during a diaper change.

Smell: Our rain forest of a backyard is in full effect. I like to take Oskar around to smell the different flowers that have bloomed.

Sound: Dance machine. He love to bounce, rock, and clap to music. It’s so fun to watch him react when a song comes on that he particularly likes.

Taste: My boy loves food, just like his mama. He loves munching on a chunk of baguette or croissant and just recently began to suck down a squeeze packet in record time.

Touch: He literally wants to touch everything all the time.

Linen Love


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Summer has arrived. Our frigid winter has been replaced with muggy warmth and rain. I love it! Sleeping with the window open, listening to a storm and waking up to a rain forest of birds. The only thing that could possibly make this better is a bed of linen sheets… and maybe a baby that sleeps through the night, but I digress…

I have been on the hunt for a set of beautiful linen sheets and a duvet or coverlet, there are quite a few great options, but none too cheap. I have a feeling I’ll love them and it may be worth the investment. Have you slept on linen? Is it worth it?

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Memorial Weekend



My ideal way to kick off the summer is with a good ole backyard celebration. Wouldn’t it be fun to spice it up a bit, swap out the hotdogs for shrimp, make a big pitcher of a new cocktail, throw on a comfortable jumpsuit and dare I say… a pair of birks (come on, I live in Ann Arbor, what do you want). I don’t know about you, but I’m ready  break out the lawn games and summer jams. What are your plans for this holiday weekend?


Weekend in Chicago


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Spent the weekend in Chicago with these handsome fellas! We left early Friday so I never got a chance to post the five senses for friday. So I figured I would do a recap of our weekend in that style. I still haven’t found my “real” camera cord so these are just pictures from my phone. It was a great weekend. The weather was amazing and Oskar was the perfect traveler all the way until our car ride back to Michigan which was one epically long on and off meltdown. Hey, can’t win ’em all.

We stayed at a hotel downtown and Oskar slept in his new travel crib. Got a great deal for the room but the parking cost from the hotel was insane. We ended up finding a garage near by and got parking for half the cost using the SpotHero app (use that link and you get $5, woo hoo). I highly recommend it if you need city parking. We’ve been to Chicago quite a bit now and in the future I think we would rather stay off in a neighborhood that we enjoy spending time in and get out of the main downtown area. Sorry magnificent mile.

Friday night my cousin and his wife babysat Oskar (seriously awesome of them) while Nick and I snuck out for a concert and drinks. It was the first night out just the two of us since Oskar was born. I can’t believe it took 8 months. Now I see why people setup reoccurring date nights. I think I’ll jump on that train. Here’s more about our trip… READ MORE

Dear Oskar // 8 Months


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You welcomed 8 months with a fever and projectile vomit. Your first of either. Seeing you sick for the first time broke my heart and gave me that first scared mama feeling. I didn’t like it. Thankfully it was short lived you were back to hamming it up in no time.

This age is so different from the rest. You army crawl around and love getting into things you shouldn’t. You are getting pretty good at eating solids, you still gag a bit on some things, which scares your dad quite a bit. You love people. When people talk you study their face and really look like you are listening, sometimes it’s so distracting you throw off the conversation. You are a very observant and curious boy.

Sight: This boy lights up at the site of his kitty Norris. Too bad Norris won’t give him the time of day.

Smell: Lately Oskar aggressively sniffs… a lot. With a squishy semi angry face. It’s pretty funny. I’ll try and catch it on video.

Sound: There are da-da, na-na, something that sounds like barking and sometimes it sorta sounds like mama, but only when he’s crying. Figures.

Taste: I’ve mostly been making simple purees, but I gave him some of this carrot soup the other night and he mowed it.

Touch: We got some new summer outfits from Broken Tricycle. The fabric and fit is so nice I think I might pick up some more things in their sale.

p.s. you like that shell sink? yeah, i know you’re jealous.

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