The Animal Print Shop


Sharon Montrose just opened The Animal Print Shop. The cuteness is so intense I can hardly stand it. Of course I am giddy over the giraffes, but I love this little porcupine and the goat (or as I say, doat) too! Ughhh I just love them all so much I want to scream.

via unruly things


  • lindsey lee

    oh gosh. i love these… perfect for a child’s room.

  • mich

    agreed on the screaming; i can hardly contain myself. this is possibly the ultimate in best things ever. thank you for sharing.

  • sofia

    I feel so sad for these animals. This had to have been a terribly uncomfortable experience for them to be photographed – some animals more than others. I’m so tired of the exploitation of animals in our culture and seeing it done in the name of “art” is a real pet peeve of mine.

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