With Halloween right around the corner I am faced with my yearly dilemma, “do I care?” As a child I loved Halloween, LOVED. Getting all dressed up, waiting for the sun to go down and it was officially trick or treat time, running around the neighborhood with my best friend and my dad taking us half way to the next town. It was a blast.

Then enter college and the slutty nurse/fairy tale character/garbage truck man… the love of Halloween faded. It all started to seem really silly and slightly strange.  Now the only thing I look forward to is handing out candy to the cute kids in the neighborhood and thinking maybe, just maybe if I dressed up, what would I be (Junice and Bub could be Lawrence Welk). What do you think, am I lame or is dressing up for Halloween as an adult strange?

p.s. yes that’s me. wasn’t my mom sweet at doing make-up!


  • Kiana

    I loved Halloween as a kid and I still do today! I’m actually going to do a week of posts dedicated to Halloween this week!

  • Lauren

    halloween isn’t really that big in england, but if i were in america i would love to go trick or treating!

  • Hillary

    I LOVE Halloween. Some of our “friends” are getting married this Saturday and I’m missing all the parties (they were friends without quotes before they stole my favorite holiday from me).

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