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I’ve always had a hard time dealing with stress and anxiety, I tend to ignore it until it explodes in a horrible sick-to-my-stomach-head-spinning-sweating sort of way. Sounds healthy, huh. Lately I have been thinking a lot about meditation, transcendental meditation in particular. Although it’s a fairly expensive investment, wouldn’t the benefits be well worth it? Have you tried any forms of meditation before?


  • Brian Miller

    It’s pretty great, I must say. I was a lifetime anxiety sufferer. If my eyes opened at 4am or later, I was up, swirling, “monkey brain” (as they say), stressing. And going to sleep? Painful. I’m not gonna preach to you at all – not my style. Personally, I finally got a few sessions of therapy, talked it out, read some Pema Chodron books and did one, intensive weekend meditation thing. I’ve been managing it for a few years since. The anxiety will never go away, but it’s weak now – I can look at it and laugh – knowing it’s just empty and meaningless. Pretty life-changing, personally. That is all. Good luck to you and thank you for the site – always fun to read!

  • Shannon

    I actually started seeing a therapist for generalized anxiety disorder and she recommended I take 20 minutes a day for “deep relaxation.” Sounds nice, right? Well, it was actually fairly difficult for me to really calm down and focus on relaxing. So I ended up downloading some meditation podcasts to my iPhone and it worked great! Maybe you should try looking into something like that.

  • May

    You can teach yourself to meditate. I believe a person gains more personal power that way as opposed to relying on another source for learning. If a group setting helps, then go for it.
    The most difficult thing for me is sticking to a specific time, as in making meditation a part of my basic hygeine. The brain needs a cleansing just like teeth do. Meditating is all about the Me, ownership of your me person…me brain needs a meditation moment.
    Learning to breath meditation can be used throughout the day, outside the meditation time you set aside.

  • isha

    You should try ‘Sahaj Marg’. Its a Rajya yoga meditation practice. Check out Its free of charge. Its one of the best things ever happened to me.

  • anna

    I do meditation with Bhrama Kumaris, would recommend if you are consiering it, I was pretty happy before, but this is a different level, when people says ‘oh its raining the weather in the UK is shit’ I say ‘ohh but isnt it atmospheric, like a film?!’ then I hear myself a laugh x

  • Lise Miller

    Hello Claire. I just found your blog today and enjoyed it so much I viewed every page back to this one. Thank you! I was struck by your question about TM. I’m young like you and also newly married but have been doing TM for more than 10 years. It has wonderful benefits; I hope you give it a try! I have added other things into the mix (Kundalini yoga, for one), but TM is still my standby. It gives you a deep break and, as I tell my friends, the experience of having one thought at a time.

    Good luck!

  • claire

    Thanks Lise! I’m glad you found the blog 🙂 I definitely have to give TM a try, I’ll look into your other suggestions as well.

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