City Hall Wedding


City Hall Wedding

City Hall Wedding

Wouldn’t this outfit be cute for a summer City Hall Wedding? I love the idea of a super intimate ceremony, like these sweet couples.  Sometimes I think about running off to New York (where we got engaged) and getting married, just the two of us. But then I think about how our families would feel. What would you or did you do? Proclaim your love in front of family or friends or just an intimate exchange between the two of you?

dress, shoes, head piece


  • magdalena

    That would be perfect.
    Not engaged, but I get the dilemma in my head sometimes: just the two of you escaping somewhere, but then of course how can you leave out family and friends?

  • Erin from Bklynstitch

    That dress is gorgeous and perfect for a City Hall wedding!

  • size too small

    perfect- i love those shoes and the back on that dress!

  • claire

    Seriously! It is all about the back of that dress.

  • Addison

    I am absolutely in love with the back of that dress! Stunning!

  • Lindsey

    sometimes i think we will do something like that.. but have a “sort-of” reception after…in a far of land.

  • bargain bex

    i’ve always known, in my heart of hearts, if that one day comes where i meet the man of my dreams … i’ll elope. so our love can be celebrated and consummated by just us. the two that started it all.

  • From Portland to Peonies

    oh my goodness, everything about this outfit is PERFECTION for a little town hall wedding. I often considered eloping during the wedding planning stages… It’s a fun time, but it’s also stressful. It’s a lot of planning for ONE day. But let me tell you, in the end I was SO SO SO glad we did the “big day” with family and friends. It was incredibly special and a day I will never forget!

  • jodyRudaker

    We did it. Told our fams we were going to NY for vacation, then got married at City Hall on a Tuesday morning. Borrowed the witness of lovely couple behinds us in line and took him as our own. Kissed in front of a surley judge. Walked in the rain, then drank prosecco on the sidewalk. Called our family and friends from atop the Empire State Building. The most romantic, lovely day.

  • claire

    Jody that is so sweet! What a beautiful day!

  • joan

    That’s what I want to do! Then have a big party to celebrate.

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