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A clear house makes for a clear mind…and a clear mind makes for a peaceful, positive mommy. ”  Jessica de Ruiter’s home is gorgeous and her statement rings so true. This has been such a long process for me. I know it is the answer, but getting there has been tough. The amount of nonsense we own is overwhelming and it’s hard to find a place to start. Since moving over two years ago there are boxes that haven’t been touched sense. Do you go through them in case of lost gems or just blindly discard?

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  • shelby h.k.d.

    going through things and tossing blindly would freak me out!! i have a storage unit chock full of things from my childhood, antiques, grad school papers…sooo much! i try to pare it down annually but it’s hard. you just have to be brutal with some things, and really think about if it’s worth saving. for me, i save a lot from my childhood because i want my children to have it. however, i buy A LOT of crap and need to be more particular….just yesterday i went to h&m and grabbed 3 items that would’ve come to $10. i walked around the store and realized I was just buying [basically] more useless items that had I had no need for, so I didn’t buy them. a good friend also recommended asking yourself 3x if you need it, and usually by the 3rd question you’ve come to a smarter decision!

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