Dear Magnus // One Year



Hey Mega Baby! So don’t be mad I didn’t write you monthly like I did for you brother. You wouldn’t let me. To be honest, sometimes when I look back on this past year, your first year, it brings feelings of guilt. But then I realize the things I feel guilty about DO NOT MATTER. You are a strong, spirited, loving, emotional, funny, sweet being. You are tough and the most unchill and so freaking cute.¬†You are a huge babe with a huge personality. We all adore you, especially your brother. I have never seen such an amazing sibling relationship. I can’t wait to see how it grows and changes. Lately you have been playing so well together, even though it mostly revolves around being naughty. That’s probably never going to change.

You took a few steps at 9 months and then never again. Now you are finally attempting again with some steps here and there, but you mostly stand up and look around with a goofy smile and then sit back down. Everything must be on your own terms, so we’ll just sit back and watch while you decide when you want to walk, because we all know you can. You’re the greatest Magnus Alexander, thank you for a crazy fun year!

Sight: Wild Kratts is your brothers jam and the second it comes on you fly over to the tv to dance. So maybe you aren’t that into watching it, but you sure do love that theme song.

Smell: I can’t think of smell, so instead I will talk about how much you love to hammer everything, including the dog and your mama.

Sound: You are a dancer. Always bopping to the music, swaying your arms, and our favorite, the head twirl.

Taste: Once solids started it was game on for you. You’ll basically eat anything. Even though you only have two tiny bottom teeth I can hand you a full apple and you’ll go to town. Please please please please please don’t get picky.

Touch: Your hair is long and fine and I’m praying for it to curl. Fingers crossed!


photos: bamphoto


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