Dear Oskar // 19 Months



The one thing I could count on is that you go down for nap and bedtime easily and happily. Not so much this past week, you have stalled and turned it into a game, jumping up and down in your crib, trying to get me to laugh and play. Sometimes I give in – but then I have to go. You only cry for a moment before falling asleep, but I still hate it. Today you went down just fine for a nap. Instead of closing the door behind me I left it slightly cracked and watched as you snuggled in to fall asleep. You grabbed your goat, and then your bear. Stretching your arms as far as you could to try and hold them both at the same time. Nuzzled your face into theirs and started to drift off. It was the best.

When you aren’t snuggling the absurd amount of stuffed animals in your crib, you are usually bouncing off the walls. You have a ton of energy, curiosity, and a naughty streak. Which leads to a messy house, lots of laughter, and lots of tears. Not to compare you to a dog, but it reminds me of those dogs they say need a job. They’re so active and if not given a job to do, they will destroy your house. That is you Oskar, you are a sporty worker dog. I have to think of activities and jobs to keep you busy to prevent complete and mass destruction.

This weekend will be our first away. Your dad and I will head to Chicago for the weekend and you will stay here with your Grandma. I am not nervous or scared. Waiting 19 months before having a night away wasn’t even on purpose, just no other occasion arose before than. I know you will be just fine and have a great time with your family. But we sure will miss you.

I’ve said it before, but I truly enjoy spending time with you. I look forward to my days off and adventuring thru our day or weekends when we all can do things together. Our only rough days are when I’m trying to accomplish things other than “fun” – like, oh, my job or house stuff. We’re finding the balance and both working on our lessons in patience.

Sight: Are you familiar with Charley Harper? I’m sure I’ve seen his work before, but we recently got one of the board books with his illustations from the library. It was so beautiful and now I want to buy them all. And I would love this coloring book too!

Smell: We love candles and Oskar loves blowing them out. I usually pick up whatever smells good at Target, but this beeswax candle seems like it would be much better for burning in his room.

Sound: We’ve been listening to this a lot lately.

Taste: Oskar is obsessed with these fig bars. His favorite flavor is lemon and we can’t make it out of the grocery store without him consuming one. They are such a great snack.

Touch: These pajamas (the ones he’s wearing above) are the best! Long sleeves, super long legs, stretchy and soft, footy OPTIONAL, and zip up – I swear I have talked about these things individually and now I have found them. Note: they do seem to run big, which if you are like me just means you get to use them for a long time.



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