Dear Oskar // 2 1/2 Years



(I wrote this a few months ago when you were closer to 2 1/2 and now you are 2 months away from 3.)

Hello my little love. You are such a funny, sensitive, kind, weird, shy, loving little person. Sometimes after you’ve gone to bed, your dad and I just sit and laugh at all the funny and cute things you did throughout the day. You are honestly a great person to be around. If you like something, you claim it’s your favorite. Gorillas, flamingos, George, Classic Man, Jingle Bells, babies, baths, car shirts, tickling and yogurt covered anything…. your favorites. Something you just discovered for the first time that you like… your favorite.

This age has been the most trying for me. You are stubborn and strong willed and immensely offended when you don’t get your own way. We hit rough patches, but they don’t seem to last long. I think I am most scared of things not going smoothly during the day throughout the week, which would put quite the damper on my current work situation. But right when I’m about to freak out, you take an epic nap, you play by yourself, you say sorry mama, you eat your lunch, and we slay the day.

The other morning you were in the living room while I got dressed down the hall. I heard some noises and asked what you were doing. You said “just playing with my toys, mama, ok?” I said “ok” and you yelled back “I love you.” I still snuck down the hall to make sure, and there you were lining up some cars to go through the carwash you built with your ¬†blocks. You are my favorite.

Sight: We got Oskar a cheap tablet for traveling, within days the wifi stopped and the screen cracked. Going to wait for it to really die and then get one of these bad boys. One free replacement, no questions asked?! Um, ok!

Smell: I swore it wouldn’t, but my car looks like we live in it and don’t use a garbage can. So this deodorizer has been essential in helping it not smell like a fast food restroom.

Sound: He is still singing jingle bells, every day, all day. And often humming or changing the words. Previous versions have been done with just the word no, yeah, tangerine, and we’ve even had a “penis bells.” Boys…

Taste: We are in snack hell. Oskar would live on snacks of any and all kinds if we let him. They are so convenient but such a slippery slope. Our CSA started back up so that should help get back on the vegetable train. And hopefully soon I can get this blender so the smoothies I cram a pound of greens into aren’t so chunky/grainy.

Touch: Puddle stompers are toddler essential.

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  • Carrie Hall Schalter

    Omg I loved loved loved this! So happy for u! Xocarrie from cray Lincoln tour! U can write girl!

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