Dear Oskar // 2 Months



My sweetest littlest boy. You are a two months old.

You greet the day with smiles and lots of sounds. There are whispers, coos, squeals and this cough laugh thing that cracks me up. You love the mornings and I do too. It’s the one time of the day you will just lay and look around oohing and aahing at things without getting too antsy.

You are a busy body. You love kicking and flailing your arms around, blankets are thrown off in record timing. And when aren’t throwing the blanket off, you like to put it over your face, we lovingly refer to this move as “going to suffocation town.” Those fast feet come in handy during bath time. I float you on your back in the warm bath water and you smile and kick your little legs like you already know how to swim. I think we could stay in the bath all day.

You have done so much already, road trip up north for our annual wine tour, watched a crazy small town parade, gone on hikes at a few different parks in your stroller or carrier, lots of errands (mainly Target), shopping at Eastern Market, brunch at Bronx Bar, bowling with your cousins, and you’re becoming quite the regular at Bill’s Beer Garden. I am so happy that you love being out and about.

Sight: You love watching shadows, the ceiling fan, and your mama and papa’s faces. Your favorite book is Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb.

Smell: After your bath and sometimes at jamma time you get a massage with calendula oil. I may not remember your fresh baby smell one day, but I think this smell will always bring me back to these times.

Sound: You can be calmed by our terrible singing or rapping and equally bad made up songs. It’s really simple, just say what is going on and make every word reeeeally long. Example: Ooooooskar, you are soooooo saaaaaad, but it doesn’t make me maaaaaaad. Leeeeeeet’s go to sleeeeeeeep now soooooo we can wake up and have a goooooood daaaaaaaay.

Taste: When feeding you like to grasp my shirt. I find it painfully adorable. Sometimes I try and multitask and use my phone at the same time, but then I catch you staring at me and put it down so that this time is spent just me and you.

Touch: Now that the weather has cooled, I put your lambskin in your swing or stroller to keep you warm. It makes anything the coziest place in the world.


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