Dear Oskar // 2 Years


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It’s official, you are no longer a baby. Waaaah. Just kidding, I don’t mind. It’s fun watching you turn into a little boy. We’ve been weaning and I was ready, really ready, you weren’t as ready but did great. A few days in I got a little sad about it. It was the only time you would sit (somewhat) still on my lap and I could just stare at your little face. But we had those moments for a good 2 years and I’m sure soon enough you will calm down long enough to cuddle for minute, sometimes, maybe, please.

You know your letters, can count to 16 sort of, love to help with things we don’t need help with, pee standing up, have an intense eye for detail, and a weird love/hate relationship with cows. You’re becoming fearless and independent. We are so proud and so scared. You love dancing, the drums, babies, pointing out airplanes and helicopters, horses, sheep, drawing, suckers, Curious George, gorillas, the color pink, daddy’s car & mama’s truck, “swimming” in the bathtub, going to the pool & the park, swinging, slides, and being chased.

Sight: My parents got Oskar this beautiful teepee for his birthday. He’s going to love it for years to come. We’ve already been setting up his new train set in there and hanging out. His favorite bedtime stories are Steam Train Dream Train and Oh They Places You’ll Go.

Smell: Lately Oskar likes smelling things and pretending they stink. It’s really funny until he does it to you.

Sound: We camped at Wheatland last weekend, our 2nd annual, I’m excited to keep up this tradition as Oskar grows.

Taste: Still working on good eating habits over here, in the mean time, this kid loves pizza & bagels & cream cheese – needless to say our trip to Brooklyn last month went well in the food department.

Touch: Our obsession with sleepwear is well known. So I just ordered 4 more pairs of the best pajamas ever. I’m not kidding. They’re so good.


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