Dear Oskar // 20 Months


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Hi baby! That’s you’re new thing… affectionately calling us baby. My favorite is “thank you baby.” You love babies. Real and fake. I’m ordering you a new baby doll to tote around since my beloved baby doll I passed down to you was left at the airport. Maybe even this carrier that your cousin just got because it is just so cute and I bet you would love wearing your baby.

It seems like you have a new word every day. Which is so nice because it’s enabling you to communicate more with us and tell us what you want. And is especially nice because words help replace whines. And I hate whines. You’re even getting the hang of being polite and saying “pleeeease” when we tell you to “ask nicely.” My least favorite word you say is “show,” I mean it’s super cute when you say it because your lips form a little pouty O. But your love of watching shows is quickly getting out of hand. I don’t care about a show here and there, but it’s time to set some guidelines.

You’re favorite things are running, jumping, playing the drums, dancing, and letters. You love to yell GO and run as fast as you can. Or JUMP (which sounds more like shuuump) and try really hard to get both feet off the ground. You pretend to spell things, it’s usually O A E O or some variation of those letters. And when you are coloring you often hand over the crayon and dictate what letters I am too write and where. 

These months are flying by and it’s hard to keep up with all the changes. I want to remember so many things. The way you say baby, your sweet dance moves, the way your sweaty forehead smells after running around outside. I’m trying to take moments to absorb it all and file it away. Hopefully it works.

Sight: Baskets are the best! I try to make Oskar pick up his toys before nap and before bed. Having simple baskets to throw everything in makes it way easier… and looks good too.

Smell: We have a a highly rated diaper pail that I use for disposables, but that thing still seems to stink. What is the trick? Change the bag more often? Fancy diaper pail air fresheners?

Sound: I am old analog lady – listening to the radio all day on a super old receiver or vinyl. But Nick recently got this system to try and convert me to the digital world and its working! I got the app on my iPad and have been using it everyday for Oskar and I’s dance parties.

Taste: Food is hit or miss these days. I heard this age is tough. One day he’ll a bunch of scrambled eggs, a couple days later he chews a bite and spits it out. It’s a blast.

Touch: Now that he is better about leaving his shoes on we could get our first pair of slip ons. They glow in the dark! I think I’m going to get him some sandals for summer, like these or these.


  • shelby h.k.d.

    my husband got us a sonos for christmas!! i love it! i work from home 2 days a week and love listening to spotify playlists on it. we also use it (on a 2hr sleep timer) as a noise machine when our downstairs neighbors blare their TV..”white noise for babies”, haha!

  • Hillary

    We have an Ubbi or whatever it’s called. The room doesn’t smell except for when the thing is open (or just after). The pail itself smells like death and I almost gag when it’s open. As far as I can tell, the room doesn’t smell, though. I think it’s a lost cause at this point, but I think emptying it more often would have been a solution.

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