Dear Oskar // 21 + 22 Months


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetAnd we’re back! The site went down, damn hosting, and I experienced a Carrie moment of too many people asking me if I backed it up. Then I realized I am the worst blogger ever. But on to Oskar…

Hello my little bug. You’ve become a full grown boy. I can’t believe it, when did it happen? How did the babiness shed to quickly and without me realizing? Thanks to a trampoline at your cousins, you have become a world class jumper. Both on and off the trampoline, or your makeshift trampoline at home… a bed. You can jump pretty high with both feet flying off the ground and do somersaults too, although most the time they seem on accident.

Letters, colors, words of all kinds are flying out of your mouth at a rapid speed. You are so chatty, you’ll be speaking in full sentences in no time. You are mostly quiet around new people, but love telling everyone you see hi. Every. Single. Person.

You are awesome and so loved.

Sight: Shows! So obsessed with shows. I am failing. Its such a slippery slope. And with these crazy toddler times sometimes this mama just needs a moment and turning on Curious George makes that really easy. I need to find more independent activities Oskar can do.

Smell: I love the smell of summer, and the smell of a slightly sweaty, sun kissed, sunscreened little babe.

Sound: We just bought our tickets to Wheatland and I am so excited. Oskar is old enough to really get into the music this year.

Taste: I find myself getting off track or lazy with our meals. Trying to be better about sitting down for every meal and giving Oskar something I know he likes (eggs, avocados, cheese, pbj) and introducing new things on the side.

Touch: Oskar’s size is frustrating. He is extremely thin and tall. So I love things like this jumper.



  • Hillary

    Man, that little bean is getting so so big!

    Leo watches a lot of OUR tv (because, seriously, I watch too much tv). The only show we put on for him is Big Block Sing Song. Does Oskar watch that? It’s super fun.

    Are you very good at giving Oskar veggies? I’m so bad at giving Leo veg.

  • shelby h.k.d.

    oh my gosh he’s so cute! can’t believe how big he is getting. hope you’re enjoying the summer! xx

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