Dear Oskar // 28 Months (almost)


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Hello little boy. What an incredible few months we’ve had. You have grown so much so quickly I can hardly keep up. Which is why I should be writing more down. Sometimes you’ll start doing things we think will stick, but then without notice it goes away. Like when you started to present things you did in a ‘Price is Right’ fashion. You know hand cupped up moving slowly across the item in display. Sometimes accompanied by a ta-da.

The tantrums are in full effect. I am going to try harder to remind myself why toddlers have tantrums and be patient and accept your emotional sensitivity, not fix it.  You’ve also became quite clingy to your mama lately and in the process distant from your daddy. Obviously this is normal, but so hard for us since I need to go away sometimes and your dad wants to snuggle you for like 4320931 hours.

You are so vocal and talking up a storm. You picked up Jingle Bells recently and have sang it with us and its the cutest thing ever. Brings tears to your tear free mama…. well, not really, but sooooo close. You talk a lot about animals like flamingos, monkeys, and cows, your bff George, you repeat lines in books we read, and tell me you want to visit your cousins and friends.

While you are still hesitant around new people and new situations, I’ve noticed you coming out of your shell more. Even the instructors at gymnastics made a comment on how you were smiling more. And now confidently jumping in the soft block pit as opposed to safely sliding in. I’m so happy to see you more comfortable and having fun. I also don’t mind your standoff personality. Makes you such a well behaved kid in public 😉

We just finished your 3rd Christmas. THIRD! We made an advent calendar that you loved, especially since there was usually a piece of dark chocolate in there for you. We visited Santa and you were not afraid at all, maybe it was because he was passing out oranges. And now we are a few days past the BIG day and we’re all so excited for Christmas morning to see what Santa brought you. It was the most fun! You have an incredible Christmas spirit and had so much fun looking at the lights and giving gifts.

Sight: We’ve been using the library regularly and it’s fantastic, especially to find books that Oskar loves and avoid the pile up of ones he doesn’t. This bird book was a huge hit, he really enjoyed Olivia, and currently The Bus Ride.

Smell: So I wanted to talk you about how essential oils changed our lives…. lol, just kidding. But I am interested in getting some to make some candles or diffuse, I’m so sick of buying candles just because I want the house not to smell like a diaper pail.

Sound: We got Oskar a tablet. In my head that sounds insane and goes against all the parenting things I thought about when I was pregnant. But I’m not pregnant, I’m a mom, with a toddler. So give me the damn tablet! It was $40. Obviously the kids not going to sit around on a tablet like a blob all day (most the time). But it will be so nice for road trips and flights. And I can have my iPad back when we travel. Any good apps you can think of? They don’t have to be toddler focused either. I was trying to find one that was music oriented, make a song, play different instruments, something like that.

Taste: Santa brought Oskar this kitchen along with a sandwich kit, cutting veggies, and some pots and pans. (p.s. can someone tell Brio to sell their stove and sink in the US please, dang!)

Touch: This kid as grown 3 or 4 shoe sizes this year. WHAT! I heard that starts to slow down shortly so I can not feel as bad buying super expensive kid shoes like these boots, right?



  • Hillary

    Holy crap, Oskar looks old. Leo looks so young by comparison!

    SMELL: I have a bunch of oils but mostly only use them to make gifts–like body scrubs and little massage oil gifts. It’s fun. I don’t have a legit diffuser but have thought about getting one. I have a little plug-in thing that works like a Glade air freshener. It works well in just one room (like the bathroom) but doesn’t have much reach. I also put a little eucalyptus in Leo’s humidifier.

    SOUND: Leo loves apps by Sago Mini ( His favorites are Friends (free), Monsters (free), Fairy Tales, and Space Explorer (the latter two are sort of find-your-own-adventure style–you fly the character through an environment and interact with different characters and scenarios–there are others like this but these are his favorites). There’s one called Sound Box that I think is cool but he doesn’t care about. Anyway, those are his main favorites. He also likes the Peek-a-boo barn/zoo ones but not as much.

    BTW: I didn’t comment on your last post but I’m still here! I still read your posts!

  • natalie

    Thanks for the apps, Hillary! Oskar does look old! I kept thinking other people’s kids just had baby faces, then I realized its ALL people’s kids, so mine is the odd one. Granted he looked like a toddler as an infant.

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