Dear Oskar // 3 Months



Slow down Oskar, your 2 month post was just 4 posts ago… what’s that, blog more mom. Got it.

You are growing into such a funny, sweet little boy. You have a giant gummy smile that could melt anyone’s hearts, but especially ours. ¬†It won’t be gummy for long because just like your mom, you decided you want teeth sooner than later. All of the extra drool is providing some great entertainment as you become an expert spit bubbler and fart sound maker.

Some nights you only get up once and I think “we’re almost there!” and the next night you’re up every 2-3 hours and I think “waa wah.” But regardless of the night we have, you are still a pretty happy camper in the morning. You also love to sleep in, just like your dad. Ya bums.

Your love of water has not faded, you kick and splash so much it’s hard to hang on to you but you don’t mind water in your face and even love the faucet going right over your head to rinse of shampoo. I’m thinking about going to a swimming class soon. Michigan winters are cold and nothing sounds better than spending sometime in a warm pool!

Sight: We can see the wheels turning when you look at new things now, there’s a lot going on in that brain of yours. You get a kick out funny faces, love watching your little fingers interlock before jamming both hands in your mouth, and looking at your new toy.

Smell: Our aromatherapy¬†bubble bath is supposed to be calming but that doesn’t stop your little legs from nonstop splashing.

Sound: So glad it’s Christmas time so I can easily find some tunes I know to belt on the radio when you are being a grumpy cat.

Taste: Besides your hands, you are loving on Sophie (of course) and are starting to get the hang of these maple teethers.

Touch: Now that you hold your head up it’s easy to pop you in the sling for our shopping trips. You love looking around at all the people and lights.


  • Dianna

    Yay Oskar! Iove this post and love his mohawk. Hope you have fun gearing up for Christmas!

  • shelby h.k.

    he is so handsome – he looks like a little european chic dapper baby boy! hope you and your family are doing well, happy new year!!

    p.s.: i was totally off this christmas too and i don’t know why! watching “Christmas Vacation” 20 times helped a bit…haha

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