Dear Oskar // 5 Months


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Oh littlest Bub, you are a sweet boy. You love stuffed animals, snuggling and munching on them. Your laugh is sounding more like a boy and less like a baby. When you go in your jumper and we play music you stop bouncing between songs and start back up when the new song starts. I swear it’s like you are trying to get on beat with the new song.

But remember how just last month you were sleeping so well and I said I would try to be patient if you took a step back. Wellll, you took a step back and I am really really tired. So if you could go back to sleeping like a champ again soon, that would be really awesome.

Sight: I know “they” say kids shouldn’t watch tv until they are like 2 or something, but he really enjoys a little Sesame Street now and then.

Smell: When we are cooking I like to introduce the ingredients I’m using and give him a whiff.

Sound: Christmas songs are my go to for humming while soothing, I’m not sure why, but now I’m on a mission to switch it up.

Taste: We’re in our last month of exclusively breastfeeding and although I am excited to introduce food I’m also a little sad. Obviously breastfeeding will still be happening so I won’t get all weepy… yet.

Touch: This softest blue elephant is a great snuggle buddy.


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  • Alina - Thinking Creature

    How gorgeous your little baby-boy, Natalie! Oh, those tiny feet 🙂 Don’t worry it does get easier. It will soon. Just enjoy every moment. Such a cliche to say, but it is so true. My little one is three, she sleeps well, eats well, talks non-stop… but sometimes i miss those pinky cheeks and tiny feet.
    Thank you for sharing, Natalie

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