Dear Oskar // 8 Months


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You welcomed 8 months with a fever and projectile vomit. Your first of either. Seeing you sick for the first time broke my heart and gave me that first scared mama feeling. I didn’t like it. Thankfully it was short lived you were back to hamming it up in no time.

This age is so different from the rest. You army crawl around and love getting into things you shouldn’t. You are getting pretty good at eating solids, you still gag a bit on some things, which scares your dad quite a bit. You love people. When people talk you study their face and really look like you are listening, sometimes it’s so distracting you throw off the conversation. You are a very observant and curious boy.

Sight: This boy lights up at the site of his kitty Norris. Too bad Norris won’t give him the time of day.

Smell: Lately Oskar aggressively sniffs… a lot. With a squishy semi angry face. It’s pretty funny. I’ll try and catch it on video.

Sound: There are da-da, na-na, something that sounds like barking and sometimes it sorta sounds like mama, but only when he’s crying. Figures.

Taste: I’ve mostly been making simple purees, but I gave him some of this carrot soup┬áthe other night and he mowed it.

Touch: We got some new summer outfits from Broken Tricycle. The fabric and fit is so nice I think I might pick up some more things in their sale.

p.s. you like that shell sink? yeah, i know you’re jealous.


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