Dear Oskar // 9 Months


20140603-194339-71019405.jpgOh buddy, you are one wiggly wild little man. The days of me getting anything done while you’re awake are on the verge of over, but that’s ok, I hate cleaning anyway. Your army crawl has quickened and you can now pull yourself up onto things, like the glass topped coffee table on castors (a.k.a. extreme face basher). You are shy and observant around strangers or in new places, but at home you loudly chat away. “Tickletagot” was your new favorite word for a while but lately it seems to be reserved for when you are reading.

We took our first family trip to the zoo and boy was it interesting. We started the trip out seeing the polar bears swim, but you were mostly distracted by the screaming kids. You get upset when other kids scream or cry. I love the idea of going to the zoo, seeing these beautiful creatures in person and reading about each one. But once there I am immediately faced with guilt. The orangoutangs really set it in this time, I watched as a family in front of us repeatedly rammed their stroller into the glass trying to get the perfect picture with the sleepy guy leaning on the glass. I’m sure he is well taken care of and loved by his keepers, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ll do some zoo research before (if) we take another trip and when you’re older we’ll talk about it.

You are determined, sweet, funny, sensitive, strange and so loved. This is going to be a great summer and I can’t believe it will end with your first birthday. Slow down child!

Sight: Peek-A Who? is a favorite around here. And one of the only things that can keep him on his back during a diaper change.

Smell: Our rain forest of a backyard is in full effect. I like to take Oskar around to smell the different flowers that have bloomed.

Sound: Dance machine. He love to bounce, rock, and clap to music. It’s so fun to watch him react when a song comes on that he particularly likes.

Taste: My boy loves food, just like his mama. He loves munching on a chunk of baguette or croissant and just recently began to suck down a squeeze packet in record time.

Touch: He literally wants to touch everything all the time.


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