Dear Oskar // One Year



They say you’re a toddler now. Although it’ll be hard for me to not think of you as a baby anymore, it’s probably more fitting since you’ve never been into the baby thing anyway. You are in-de-pe-nd-ent and always on the go. Patience will be key for all of us during this time as your body catches up to your brain. You want to feed yourself, but aren’t that good at it, so there are big messes… but messes can be cleaned. You want to read your flip books by yourself, but get too excited, so sometimes the flap rips off… but we can buy some tape. You want to move around, but sometimes you go too fast, so you fall on your face… but we can put down more rugs and get lots of bandaids. I will try my best to let you do things on your own so you can learn and grow, and hopefully we can get through with minimal damage.

The subtitle of this post should be “what is that?” It is all you say. And you say it 500 times a day while pointing at different objects. Now in different ways… what’s that, what is that, what is it, whats this. The ‘that’ has gotten really long and drawn out. I spend the majority of my days saying “dog. fan. light. fan. still the fan. light switch. that’s the fan again.” (maybe this means we’ll escape the classic “why?” stage… probably not)

I couldn’t possibly explain how amazing this past year has been. It’s almost as if your one year mark is my one year mark as well. Like there was no before. This past year seems to have gone so quickly, yet so much happened. You went from a black and white photo that people told me was a picture of the inside of my enormous belly to a smiling, head banging, busy little boy.

This weekend we head to Wheatland. Your first festival. You won’t remember this or anything from your first year. But hopefully this sets the foundation of being a family and doing things together.

Sight: Oskar loves reading books all by himself. He looks back and forth and turns the pages while babbling away. Its painfully cute. Some favorites of late are Bobby Bear’s ABC, A Book of Sleep, and Happy Baby ABC.

Smell: We use disposable diapers at night and just tried this brand. I love them. Natural, no leaks, and no rash. And for wipes I want to try these.

Sound: Finally tried a sound machine app over the weekend while we were staying at my mother-in-laws. His cousins were also in town and the naps weren’t lasting very long. We played brown noise from some website on computer speakers. Seemed to do the trick!

Taste: We’re getting crazy over here. Oskar drank milk over the week and ate a scrambled egg for dinner last night.

Touch: He’s not walking on his own yet. But he may be the fastest crawler around. The knees of his pants are really taking a beating.

Photo by The Billings


  • MrsD

    I love these posts. Your sweet boy is just beautiful.
    Mine is 15 months old and keeps us laughing half the day. I see class clown in his future…
    This motherhood journey is a tough one, and different than I expected…but also makes for a full heart and a happy life!

  • Laura

    A year ago, I was checking EVERY SINGLE DAY at your blog waiting for Oskar to leave the bump and waiting for you to explain your experience 🙂 I was seven months pregnant then, and completely afraid of giving birth.
    I’ve been followin Oskar’s fist year month by month, waiting for see in my son Dídac (who is ten months old now) the things you explained about him. It has been (and it being for me still) a faboulous and incredible year. I’m totally agree with you with this: “It’s almost as if your one year mark is my one year mark as well. Like there was no before”
    Happy bithday Oskar. Happy birthday Oskar’s Mummy.

  • natalie

    That is so sweet Laura. Sorry to leave you stranded and not share my experience in time for your own birth. I was over 2 weeks late and in labor for 3 days, I’m afraid my experience may have only worsened your fears. I hope you had a beautiful birthing experience. Congratulations and welcome to the world Dídac, I hope your first year has been wonderful!

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