Due to this article, I thought I would confess… I was obsessed with Felicity. Twice. Once when it originally aired and again recently when I watched every episode on Netflix in about a month – seriously. ¬†When Felicity originally aired, I was planning my college career, it enhanced my hopes of going to college in NYC (which didn’t happen) and gave me the desire to chop off my long curly locks (which did happen).

Watching it again definitely evoked strong nostalgia. And as the author of the Vulture article notes, this was a time before Facebook, before texting and AOL chat was primarily for creeps and pervs. We wrote notes, made phone calls, or just showed up at someone’s door, which was most likely open. Do college kids still hang whiteboards on their doors for notes? When I think of college now I just imagine a bunch of teenagers in their rooms with the doors shut sitting in front of the glow of Facebook. What was the show that you related to the most in your teen years?

p.s. Team Ben, all the way. I loved that gap toothed hunk.


  • Hillary

    Not that long ago I re-watched it, too. So good. Anyone who is a Noel fan is a huge nerd and probably also liked Dawson instead of Pacey.

    My wedding was out in the woods and there was no cell reception or computers for our whole group for 3 days. It was incredible.

  • bargain bex

    BIG time felicity fan here. but my heart will always belong to that of angela chase + jordan catalano from my so-called life. everything about her awkwardness (and that bright red mane) reminded me of me and my friends in our growin-up at school years.

    p.s. oh. and i’m team noel. all the way. always shoulda been felicity + noel.

  • Mandy

    Oh man! I grew up and went to college in England (though I’m American) BUT moved to NYC right after college. I moved into a tiny studio apartment with my best friend and my first week in nyc, I flicked on the tv and there was a channel that would re-run back to back episodes of Felicity. I was beyond addicted and watched every episode and completely fell in love with Felicity and identified with her and all her coming of age angst. That was 10 years ago. I definitely have to re-watch it! And I had a crazy crush on Ben and happened to marry a man that I think is his spitting image!

  • Kiana

    Friends! This show was my addiction during high school and college. I loved Seinfeld too!

  • joanna goddard

    me tooooo! ps. i loved your postscript:)

  • Martie*

    OMG! I loved Felicity sooo much, always Team Ben! I also loved the soundtrack! Great post.

  • Katie

    I was SO obsessed with Felicity too! Man o man I feel a weekend marathon coming on. Time to kick it back to the old school

  • Bailey Martin

    SO love Felicity, I should rewatch it soon! I love Noel and Ben although I think Noel was always meant to be a best friend….I just find Scott Foley adorable, loved seeing him again recently on Greys!

  • Leila

    I was in my late 20’s when Felicity was on, and I still loved the show. Even though I couldn’t relate to her situation directly, it was still fun to watch. I was fine with her ending up with either Ben or Noel, they were both yummy.

  • kimia kline

    team ben, alllll the way. and i actually got to MEET him (scott speedman) at a random bar in nyc the summer i lived there. let me just say, he is the dreamiest man alive. i nearly fell over when i spotted him.

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