Five Senses For Friday



It’s Friday! This weekend we are going to try and move some more stuff in the house from the garage where our belongings have been living during renovations, since April. But more than moving things in the house, we’ll be trying to move things out of the house. Figure if we’ve gone since April without, we probably don’t need it… but lets be honest, no one neeeeeds a bunch of thrifted pottery pieces, doesn’t mean they are going anywhere. I wanted to have a garage sale for all the stuff we won’t be keeping, however no one seems to think its worth it. Apparently garage sales are a pain in the ass and we are better off donating it all. What do you think? To garage sale or not to garage sale? And since we’ll be getting rid of stuff, time to start dreaming NEW stuff for the house!

Sight: Our bathroom remodel is a long ways away, but this is exactly what I want. Two words: Sunken. Tub.

Smell: Um, of course I want my home to smell like Big Sur. Plus, this company is badass.

Sound: I’ve never heard them in person, but these speakers have been on my wishlist for a long time.

Taste: Vodka made from cow’s milk. No I’m not kidding.

Touch: Because one (specifically me) can never have too many blankets.

photo: Cozy socks. Yes please.


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