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This weekend we have a friend in town and word has it, he and Nick will be knocking out some home fixing tasks. Hooray! Progress has really slowed since the birth of the boy. But motivation is creeping back. Time for half bath domination, MORE carpet removal, baseboards and molding, I’ll stop there since this list is making me realize how much more we have to go. Oh homeownership. Hope your weekend is filled with fun or with getting shit done, because that feels good too.

Sight: Large artwork would really work well in our home, I would LOVE to have this giant one of kind painting. I seriously have a spot it would fit (just barely).

Smell: Want to smell like Darwin’s cabin?

Sound: Sometimes I don’t feel like putting on an album or finding something to listen to so I turn to Songza. I’ve been listening to this channel a lot lately.

Taste: This was a life changing purchase, if you drink tea or use french press, chemex or some other fancy coffee maker an electric kettle is a must

Touch: I’m really digging smock dresses right now. Super cute with a pair of ankle boots Although they aren’t exactly breastfeeding friendly. I wonder if I could shimmy a boob out of this one.

image: awesome artwork by Alexandra Ethell

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  • Freckle

    I don’t understand why Americans don’t have electric kettles? What do you use? Isn’t it so funny that a kettle in the uk is an absolute necessity, I can’t even think of an alternative 🙂

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