Five Senses For Friday



My little buddy is sick for the first time, and yes, is it the saddest thing in the world. Poor babe has been running a fever and even had some pretty epic projectile vomit moments. So we’ll be laying low and getting in lots of snuggles this weekend. Hope your weekend is healthier and happy!

Sight: Black, white, & bronze errrthing. I’ll take it. Especially that bathroom.

Smell: Definitely need to try these Palo Santo sticks Joanna talked about.

Sound: Somehow the living room rearrangement and new media center turned into an obsession with getting on of these bad boys. Seriously, I hear about how great it will be at least once a day. What is it with guys and audio?

Taste: Last night I was thinking about how much I like eggs and thought of a nice name for myself. Apparently it is already taken for this restaurant.

Touch: Love this swimsuit! Perfect for being active at the beach or swim lessons with the little one.

image: Kyoto 

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  • shelby h.k.

    haha too funny, i had the weirdest craving for eggs two nights ago!

    hope your little one gets well soon!!

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