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Happy Friday! This weekend is project exercise. I am going to look into classes, memberships, apps, videos… all of it, in search for a winner. As a former ballerina (meaning I took some classes for a minute 2 decades ago), I am drawn to dance based things – so maybe a barre class or Ballet Beautiful. Yoga was amazing during my pregnancy and would probably be helpful with repairing my separated abdomen (for real). The YMCA offers free childcare with a family membership, BONUS. And pilates has always seemed like something that I might enjoy. But it is time to get these lazy winter bones moving.

Sight: Are you guys watching The Bachelor? We haven’t missed a season… ever. But the dude this round is pretty boring.

Smell: Two perfume samples (this and this) arrived the other day and I’ve been rotating them, along with some samples from Lurk. Sometimes a little dab of a lovely scent can totally change the way you feel about yourself.

Sound: This is terribly exciting. February 13th, two girlfriends and I will be seeing SWV, Bel Biv Devoe, and Tony! Toni! Toné! in concert. Yes, I am serious!!! Also, if you are ready to get your weekend started, you better follow those links. You’re welcome.

Taste: Can not wait to make this chowder. Yum!

Touch: We are in desperate need of sheets, only owning one crappy set is no bueno. I love these and they are on sale, but I feel like I’m always disappointed by sheets and would rather hunt out the best, crispiest, cool, long lasting kind.

image: New York City Ballet by Garance Doré.


  • Helen

    Linen sheets are a splurge but pretty terrific, especially if you don’t mind the rumpled look. They are cool in summer and breathe well in the winter. We bought ours from the Restoration Hardware outlet and I’ve never regretted the purchase.

  • Gaia

    How did the search go? I am conducting my own right now. Former “ballerina” here too:) That barre class is INSANE. But maybe you loved it?

  • natalie

    Gaia – I think I’ve settled on a YMCA membership! But I want to try these videos too: that way I can get my ballet fix without embarrassing myself. And the Barre class was SUPER insane and had almost nothing to do with ballet, aside from there being a barre.

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