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With a world of hand-me-downs from my sister-in-laws, putting together the registry took some major consideration. We don’t need a lot of stuff and I personally don’t want a lot of stuff. Now I’m sure this may all change at some point. But for the time being I’m going into parenthood with a goal of keeping it minimal. What does a baby really need? I love Elizabeth’s list. Here’s some things we registered for, have, or want:

Sight: I can’t wait to wear this nugget. We were given a Moby, registered for the Ergo, and I am still lusting after a beautiful sling. Love this striped baby wrap too. So many options…

Smell: Weleda is one of my favorite brands of skin care, we’ll use the Calendula Oil for some real good baby massages. And if his nose is too blocked to smell the soothing oil, we’ll suck the snot out. I know, that thing looks so gross, but look at those reviews!

Sound: We would love to bring the babe to some shows at a young age but we don’t want his little ears to get damaged. These will do the trick.

Taste: Little bub’s main food source will be the boob, but we’ll have some bottles around for bonding with Dad. These are supposed to be great for breastfed babes.

Touch: This boy’s bum will be in cloth diapers. And he’ll cozy up with this Pendleton crib blanket.

photograph: Dash’s amazing nursery featuring Sharon Montrose’s new baby elephant print. 


  • Gwen

    Ha Ha, the Nose Frieda! Yeah, totally disgusting, and yet super-effective. Seriously, I love that thing.

  • Maria @ Cheeky Pink Tulip

    I really want one of those slings but they’re so expensive!

    Maria xx

  • Kiana

    Hey Natalie! I have a few quick tips: Don´t get the Ergo in a dark color. We got ours in black and it shows everything like spit up stains and lint. If I had to do it over again, I would have gotten the light grey or a patterned one.

    Also, before you use the NoseFreida, give baby a warm bath and make sure the bathroom is nice and steamy. This loosens the mucus and makes it much easier to get the boogers out.

    Hope this helps!

  • natalie

    Thanks for the tips Kiana!

  • Elle

    Hi Natalie, I love your blog and just saw this post that mentions our product. Would love to send one of our wraps out to you. Email me at if you’re interested! x

  • jennifer

    Hey Natalie,

    Just found your blog and I love it! I have three kids under three and I’ve tried just about everything under the sun. I’d say totally skip the Moby because it’s very heavy (to lift!) and longer than you need. I did that for 0-4 months on my first two kids, and now with our 5 week old I’ve been using the Happy Wrap. Bamboo, light weight, and my son and I never sweat (I’m also in the Midwest and we have frigid winters and seething summers). I wish I’d had it earlier. I actually bought the turquoise and sunny yellow ones because I want one available all the time. After 4+ months I tend to go Ergo. I got the sport in red which has proven a wise choice.

    Good luck. Motherhood is it. Everything is different after this and nothing compares. It’s JUST RIGHT.

  • natalie

    Thanks for the great tips Jennifer!

  • Jennifer Rader

    Honesty you do not need that much stuff. And they grow out of all of it so quickly. I would start with a minimal amount. AMAZON prime is your best friend when you have a newborn. If you realize you need something it is at your front door in two days.

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