Going Vertical



“There are so many places that need (a vertical garden),” Blanc argues. “Parking lots, train stations, the metro — all those difficult spots, those places where you really don’t expect to encounter the living — that is what interests me above all else.” French botanist Patrick Blanc created his first Vertical Garden (Le Mur Vègètal) in 1994, Parc Floral de Paris. The Vertical Garden is a beautiful way to add nature to the daily life of city inhabitants and an efficient way to clean up the air. With the total weight of the garden, including plants, weighing lower than 30 kg per square meter, the Vertical Garden can be implemented on any wall without any size or height limitation.

Just four parts compose the Vertical Garden. A metal frame is hung on a wall or can be self standing. It provides an air layer acting as a very efficient thermic and phonic isolation system. A 1 cm thick PVC sheet is reveted to the metal frame. This layer brings rigidity to the whole structure and makes it waterproof. A rotproof layer of felt is stapled on the PVC, allowing an homogeneous water distribution. Finally, plants are installed on a felt layer as seeds, cuttings, or already grown plants. Automated watering and fertilization are provided from the top.

These beautiful Vertical Gardens can be found in Paris, Madrid, New Delhi, Sao Paulo and many more cities throughout the world. Although a personal wall may be hard to obtain, creating your own green living work of art may not.




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