Honeymooning in… Portugal!



Why Portugal? We picked it out of a hat. Seriously. 8 months later and we’re finally going to take a honeymoon. We had planned on Paris in May, but Bub snagged a job at U of M and won’t have vacation for quite a while. So we decided to look at the cheapest flights and go for it. Into the hat went our options, out came Lisbon. We leave in just two weeks!
Have you been to Lisbon???



  • The slow pace

    Yeah! We spoke about it this weekend in our blog! Go on and have a look if you like!! My tips: If you take the 28 tram you will get a general view of the city, it’s lovely! Fado in Alfama, Cascais and Sintra for a day trip and you must climb to its viewpoints, they are all amazing!!!

  • Jacquelyn | lark&linen

    I love that you picked out of a hat! It’s brilliant
    I’ve never been to Lisbon but my dad has a number of times and (having travelled plenty) says it’s one of his favourite places. It’s supposed to be wonderful!

  • claire

    *the slow pace – How funny! Your pictures are beautiful. Now I’m REALLY excited!

  • claire

    Thanks Jacquelyn! We thought it was a fun idea, our other plan was to show up at the airport and then figure it out, but this way gave me less anxiety.

  • marianne

    Hi! Guess what? I’m portuguese… And I live near Lisbon! I’m in my cell phone right nos, which makes it really dufficult to write, but I’d be glad to e-mail you a few suggestions, if you like.

    You’ll love Lisbon!


  • joanna goddard

    that is so exciting!!!!!!! my sister and her husband went to portugal for their honeymoon and were obsessed. they carried sweet mediera wine around in a flask for like three years afterward, haha 🙂 excited for you guys!

  • Hillary

    My husband and I went to Portugal last March (before we were married). I’ll think if I have any tips or favorites.

  • Isabel Costa

    Hi, I ‘m Portuguese and I think you’ll just love Lisbon. Do you know where you’re staying? In Lisbon there’s lots to see, around 30 minutes away the beaches are great, can’t miss Sintra, the most ROMANTIC place surrounding Lisbon, a new tavern just opened up in Chiado/ Bairro very small, good , good food. Actually, in this city the food is great!
    contact me if you have any questions!

  • claire

    Wow! Unbelievable how many of you live, traveled to, or know someone who traveled there. This is getting really exciting. Traveling is the best!

  • Ana

    Native advice: Confortable, non slippery shoes, as the ‘calçada portuguesa’ (the typical mosaic sidewalk) can be unsafe after raining (not that rain is expected any time soon, but in April no one can be sure!)

    And I’m almost 100% sure the 3rd picture is Oporto, not Lisbon! (but do not fear!, I’m sure that you can easily find Port wine everywhere – and for that and the nightlife/restaurants/bars I would recommend the loud and unavoidable Bairro Alto area)

  • Ana

    I’m from Lisbon and I love this city. I’m sure you’ll love too – the town, the food, the people … Have fun, see you soon!

  • claire

    Thanks Ana and Ana!

  • Leila

    All my grandparents were from Portugal, I can’t wait to see their homeland. All I can tell you is that you’ll EAT really well.

  • macaca grava-por-cima

    Born, raised and living in Lisbon. You can write me an e-mail if you need some advice. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun!!! And nice weather. Be more than welcome!!!

  • jamie lou

    have so much fun pretty girl!

  • Maria

    Love the random idea for honeymoon! I know I’m late but just discovered ur blog right now…
    Lisbon is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!! I hope u guys are gonna love it!
    Almost sure Im late but in case you need can email you tips, restaurants, nice things to do nearby..
    And most of all enjoy Lisbon!!

  • Lauren

    Hi Lily, Just got back from 2 weeks in Lisbon. I went 3 years ago bymyself but this time I took my son and his wife. There were afew chengas I noticed. The people of Lisbon were friendly and helpful and courteouson my last trip here. Pretty much they were impatient andnot courteous drivers. One big change is now taxis and busesand regular drivers will stop for you even if you just look likeyou are going to step off the curb into a marked crosswalk. Iam not in a hurry when I am in Lisbon so this doesn’t reallymatter to me but I am sure the the locals and most visitorsreally appreciate the change. Now if they can just pick up aftertheir dogs. One other change was a few more beggars and lots more streetpeddlers. No one I asked seemed to know if this was because ofmore tourists coming to Lisbon or just because of the economy.It is not something that bothers me though because I am usedto seeing tons more here in cities like San Francisco, California. I had another fantastic time in Lisbon and my son and daughter-in-law fell in love with the pLace also. Now I will see if I can getthem to follow your blog too. One last thing Lily. You have a link to the Spotted by Localswebsite. I would encourage anyone traveling to Lisbon to checkout their website for different or new places to eat or visit.

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