I’m Back


Hello there! My my how time flies when you are literally feeding & changing diapers all day… every day. But seriously, how cute is my Oskar. Pretty damn cute I think, so I’ll forgive him for pooping a thousand times a day. I thought I would start us back off with a good ol’ breakdown of the senses. Here are some things that have been tickling mine for the past month:

Sight: My favorite guilty pleasure is back on, Parenthood! It’s fun watching Crosby & Jasmine navigate the arrival of their new baby at the same time as us. I found it especially hilarious when a sleep deprived Crosby said “I’m sure you’re going to be the best thing that ever happened to me someday, but right now I really hate you.”

Smell: Ok, I know it’s talked about all the time, but babies just smell so intoxicating and I really want to find a way to preserve it. Do I sound like a drug addict?

Sound: This album isn’t new and I liked it before, but I listened during labor and now it will always be a favorite.

Taste: You know what the best thing about not being pregnant is, besides having a beautiful babe, WINE! Oh how I missed wine. Ok, I did have a sip here and there during pregnancy, but now I can fill up a big ass goblet and drink up. We had a bit of a heat wave here, so it was nice to be able to break out the rosé I had been sitting on for a while.

Touch: Madewell just opened in Ann Arbor! Hooray (there goes my bank account). I was able to go and pet the perfect purse, now I want it even more.


  • Nora

    Congratulations on your beautiful boy! I check in from time to time, and I am always glad to see new posts.
    We are expecting our first in November, and the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant was the transport bag (my “mama purse”)! I love it— goes with any outfit, soft but sturdy and just the right size for toting mama and baby necessities. I can’t say enough good things about it!
    I am also looking forward to a glass of wine postpartum– we have a special one set aside, gathering dust!

    Hope you are enjoying these sweet early days.


  • Dianna

    Welcome back! Congrats on the cutie baby!!!! I’m currently pregnant…baby due end of the year. I look forward to the vino myself! I’m glad you are getting in the groove and look forward to hearing more!!

  • joana

    welcome back!
    i just started reading your blog weeks before you went on radio silence, and i really missed it! looking forward to reading more 🙂
    btw, oskar is the cutest! 🙂

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