Since Bub started his job we’ve been getting up pretty early in the morning. There is something really nice about getting the day started before most. The streets are clear and quiet, the air is crisp, and my email isn’t filling up at a frightening pace. I can already feel myself turning into one of those annoying morning people… are you a morning person?


  • Wiola

    I’ve never been a morning person before I moved to London and started my new job a few years ago:) since than I’ve changed:) Now I’m wakeing up at 6am every day and leave my house before 7am. London looks totally different before others will get up 😉 Love it:) You can actually hear the town and appreciate more than ever:) xo

  • chelsea.

    I wish I was a morning person. I keep trying to be but it never seems to work.

  • joanna goddard

    i love being up really early in the mornings, even though i’m not a morning person. feels like stolen time!

  • Mylinh

    I love getting up early and see the light creep through the sky 🙂 Morning hugs are also the best!

  • S. Katherine

    Yes, I am a morning person. But I didn’t start out this way. I spent the vast majoroty of my years on this planet serving others, primarily during the evening. I need wind down time and so I considered my self a night owl. But then things changed for me when I had to get up on a daily basis before the roosters or anyone else it seemed and I fell in love with having the world all to myself. My dog, Curious Goerge & I own our planet at 4:30 AM. I know crazy right. But since I have to be at the cafe by 6:00 AM it just has to be. C George isn’t a young dog and there are times I have to encourage him strongly to wake up. LOL. My brain acutally works better in the morning before everything else clutters it up. I also run best in the AM. In the morning the world is all mine. These early rising habits have carried into my weekend and I can’t believe how much more I seem to get done.

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