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So many names… how does one decide? We had it narrowed down to a couple options, but then I found out that Nick hates the name I love. Arg. So now we are back at the drawing board with a plethora of options and more added all the time. I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to name this little man before I meet him, hopefully his birth and first impression will guide us to the right one. To me it seems like a name holds a lot of weight, I can’t imagine not being a Natalie. Do you think you would be a different person if your parents picked a different name?


  • Gwen

    I never name mine for sure until I meet them. But I think boy names are way harder than girl names! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I always love hearing from people what their alternative names would have been. My mom considered Jessica, Hilary, and Rebecca for me…and ended up with Gwen. Chris, on the other hand…his dad wanted to name him LeRoi. With an accent on the second syllable. Would we be together if we were Hilary and LeRoi? Hmm…

  • Jana @ 333 Hand Lettering Project

    I named my sons before we met them. Once I found out they were boys, I couldn’t wait!
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  • Vale

    Hi! These are allll great names! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Well, I suppose that’s inevitable, given the circumstances, but try not to! Your little guy will totally Own whichever of these you choose. My son is Oscar – it’s great. I really like Leland too! And Leo, and Miles, and Frank… You are so good to go! Best wishes for an amazing birth!

  • natalie

    HAHA, LeRoi?!

  • Tawny

    Those are all great names. You’ll see him and just know.

    My name is Tawny and, although I hated it as a child, cannot imagine having a different name. I even sat my parents down on the swings when I was 7 and had an “official” changing the name meeting. I had a clipboard with an agenda. Only annoying thing is that once in a blue moon, someone asks if I was named after Tawny Kitaen. For the record, that’s a big no.

    Your belly is just adorable, btw!

  • Court

    You know where I stand… it’s Orson or bust.

  • lindsey

    i like them all. you know where i stand.

  • May

    Orson and Miles are beautiful names. They all are.
    As a semi-junior, all my life I’ve wanted my own name, (not my mother’s name). Now that she is gone, I will legally change my name to Maywyn.
    The politics of naming a child have changed. I believe in your heart is where the child is born, and where the child’s name is waiting. When you hear it you will both know that’s the one.

  • Maria @ Cheeky Pink Tulip

    Oh my! It would be wonderful if your child shared the same name as Orson Welles. I’m Greek so it was important for my little boy to have a Greek element to his name (my husband is English), so we went with two names, Henry Leonidas. Coincidentally, they’re both the names of kings of our respective countries – King Henry of England and King Leonidas of Sparta, Greece. We hadn’t thought of that before we named him! Now his Greek grandpa calls him Little King 🙂

    They’re all lovely names, but I’m partial to Leo and Orson!

    Maria xx

  • Dani w

    I agree with the previous poster, that the baby will become (to you) whatever you name him, but I also think there is some pressure- because “becoming” a Frank vs becoming a Laser could be two very different things, no? 🙂

    That said, it looks you are into classic names that endure time, so whatever you choose will be perfect! We didn’t name our little boy until he was born, we had a short list of two and went with our #1, Harry (it’s a family name) and it fits him perfectly. He’s a little gentleman with a little bit of mischief in his eye. (his middle name is Finn).

    I LOVE Max, Oscar and Leo the best…

  • Jane

    I didn’t and still don’t love the tarzan jibes, plain jane etc but I have grown into my name and feel it’s pretty classic and it’s just me. I always thought with my own child I would pick something a little less traditional.

    I didn’t know the sex of my now five year old son so we had picked out a few names for either sex that we loved. I picked out Luca for a boy, although I had several names that I liked, however my husband after initally not liking it then came on board and that was it. I still love Luca and it is nice because we haven’t come across too many, I don’t hear it constantly being called in the playground.

    I also like Noah, Finn, Otis, Oscar, Leo, Levi to name a few. Good luck with your pregnancy and choosing a great name.

  • natalie

    That’s a beautiful name Maria. Orson is definitely because of Orson Welles. 🙂

  • carol

    Whenever anyone said “We’re naming the baby after we see him/her”, my husband would say (privately to me): what is the name? KetchupBottleHead? Because, truly, that’s what they look like for a while after birth. Good luck! Personally, I named my four after a family member. I love the continuity and the kids like knowing why they have the name they have. Traditional Jewish people only use names of deceased relatives. I think this robs the honoree of knowing they were so loved, their name was bestowed on the new loved one.

  • petal and plume

    i love imagining names for my future children! i always think – would they like or suit the name at age 3? 12? 27? 43? 65?
    good luck! i am sure whatever you choose will be perfect.

  • Rose

    I agree about names holding a lot of weight. We’re pregnant with our first too, and it’s been fun to look into name meanings and history. We’re thinking Lincoln if it’s a boy, and just found out that it means “from the settlement on the lake”….which is cool, because we live right on a lake. 🙂 Good luck and trust that no matter what name you choose, your son will grow into it.

  • natalie

    Congratulations Rose! Lincoln is a great name.

  • cynthia

    sebastian and oscar are great,
    but names are difficult choice!

  • Kiana

    Uf I can feel your predicament. We were in a similar situation last year before our son was born. We wanted a name that acknowledged our heritage which is Spanish, Italian, and Persian. So we went with two names as a compromise. Our son´s first name is Roman (this takes care of the Spanish/Italian part) and his middle name is Armin (pronounced are-meen) which is a tribute to his Persian grandfather.

    I think all the choices you put are great but I love Leo (though doesn´t everyone nowaday?) and Oscar and Orson.

    Whatever you pick will suit your baby though, don´t worry!

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