No Complaints


Holy hell what a week! Dog surgery, the worst cold ever, crazy storms, two days without electricity, 100 degree days…. This is what I started writing Friday, then I went farting around on the internets and read about someone with lupus who was having a hard week and immediately felt like a giant asshole for my whining. Especially since my weekend included a trip with the Bub to the college I attempted to graduate from to watch a DCI show, a nice meal at a great Michigan brewery, and some “for no reason” special treatment on Sunday with grilled dinner, wine, and the Sex and the City movie. {Sidenote: Marching band wasn’t really my thing in high school, but watching some insanely talented kids do what they love was pretty cool.}

Complaining is ugly (see above photo). So I am going to embark on a bitch free week. No complaints. Not a one. I’m not going to complain about work to my husband, talk shit about clients with coworkers, whine about time or lack there of. I’m a pretty lucky lady and mostly in control of my environment, so when I want to complain I’m going to think about what the actual issue is and take steps to embrace or change it. Don’t I sound all positive and shit, it’s only Monday. Wine may be used in unlimited quantity.

photograph: Jill Greenberg


  • Robina

    Last Ramadan, I did a “negativity fast” for a month (along with a sweets fast — I wasn’t ACTUALLY fasting because I was nursing an infant, so I felt like I had to do *something*). It was pretty eye-opening. I hope your week goes well and is similarly, well, positive!

  • claire

    That sounds amazing Robina! And quite a challenge.

  • Kristina

    I LOVE that photo! And I love the idea of having of consciously choosing to be positive for at least a week.

  • Emily

    Hahahaha, I also went to “that school” and happen to still live in that particular town. I never see stuff about it on blogs though — feels kinda special! 🙂 Hope you had fun at the DCI show, I actually marched once upon a time, and those shows are super fun! I really dig the idea of a negativity fast too!

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