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Remember me?! Well, as if you couldn’t tell, the rest of February was a mess and March isn’t off to a great start either. I’m so done with Winter it’s not even funny. I really need to be outside in the sun, with birds chirping and no jacket, all that Spring stuff. The house buying has been a little stressful with lots of septic issues (I swear I live 3 miles from downtown Ann Arbor, not the boonies), and then I got a lovely case of food poisoning or a stomach bug (the worst, right). The juggling of jobs, freebies, moving, sickness and more has really gotten to me. But I don’t want this to be all sad town woe is me usa. No! The Senses Five is funland damn it, where we talk about shit we can’t afford but want anyway, houses that are dreamy and all that good stuff. So I am busting the hell out of this rut soon and coming back with bells on. I have some good news to share, I swear. In the mean time, I hope everyone is buckling down for this last throw of Winter, because Spring is just around the corner to save us. And to all you California good weather living people… house buying be damned, do you have any jobs for an accountant lad and marketing lady?


  • Caitlyn Mitchell

    So glad you’ll be coming back! I have missed the posts on pretty things that none of us can afford but love to admire!


    house hunting sucks! especially when you have $15 in your savings account! Le sigh!i do know someone in accounting that may have a job for your lad. but do you really want to move to so cal suburbia?

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