Confession: Right before my senior year of highschool I cut all of my hair off, exactly like and partially because she did. And I haven’t gone much shorter than my shoulders since. Although I do love long hair, I can’t help but obsess over short haircuts. They always look so chic, feminine and just plain sexy. I think in part because you have to be confident to cut your hair short, and there isn’t much sexier than a woman oozing with confidence. Have you had short hair? Would you go short?

dream haircut: Karla’s Closet


  • natalie

    Her hair makes me want to go short, too; I love that it looks effortless and tousled. I have long hair too, but have been longing to go short. Not sure I’m brave enough!

  • CP

    Makes me miss my short hair! But I am trying desperately to grow it out long enough to braid. Don’t tempt me with this cuteness! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hillary

    I wish. I could never. I am too pale, with too fine/pin-straight of hair and too un-feminine of a face. Plus, I’m not super-thin — it just wouldn’t be the right look on me. It would look lazy instead of high-fashion. All of that’s not supposed to sound self-deprecating — just objective. I have good hair, just not for a short cut. I typically wear it shoulder length but it’s longer right now.

    I have friends with short hair and it looks great on them, but they sort of have that chic, gamine look already.

  • Kathy

    Nope. My head is too big and it makes it look even bigger. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But I totally love others with it.

  • June

    Iยดve done short hair, and I am seriously thinking of doing again. The only thing is that as I have curly hair, growing it long again is soooo hard!

  • Monica

    Last summer I cut my hair off to my cheeks. First I hated it, because I have curly hair and I had to iron it every day until one day I decided to stop and it looked great. I started to leave my curls and moved to a different city. I felt I was a different person which lots of personality. People came to me and I was happy. I even met the love of my life that summer. This summer I decided not to cut it again, but sometimes I miss my short curls.

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