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There are people who have a look. Not just a style that is their own. A very specific part of them that never changes. Their trademark.  The same haircut, same glasses, even people who only wear one color. For almost 10 years I only wore white nail polish, but then I branched out and it was awesome, so many choices… too many choices, I still go back to a shade of white more often than not. Part of me wants to be that person, the “white nail polish girl,” the “curly hair with bangs girl,” it’s probably the same part of me that really enjoyed wearing a uniform to school. The other part of me gets bored and craves change. What type are you?

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  • Pam

    I agree, sometimes I think a signature piece or trademark would be cool. But, generally, I’d rather be known for an attitude or a style, like, she always looks chic or pulled together… Then you can change it up whenever you feel like it and still remain genuine. Variety is the spice of life!

  • Hillary

    I wish I was the type that had a definable look (though not necessarily a signature piece or anything). I’d love for people to see something and think, “that looks like something Hillary would wear” or “that reminds me of Hillary.” I think my taste is very defined (like if you look at my style board on Pinterest) but money, body type and practicality dictate that I dress differently from that.

    My ex-coworker is one of those people that has a really strong sense of style. It’s very hard to describe it but it’s really specific.

  • Laura

    I think I’m not conscius about how predictable am I about my look choices. Often, I heard comments from my friends like “I saw this dress/top/[insert here any kind of clothing] and I thought it was totally Laura’s type”. So…I suppose I have a style, unless I’m not trying to.

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