So In Love



This is the sweetest, most in love couple I think I have ever seen featured on OnceWed… no offense to all the other couples featured, who also seemed much in love. There’s just something about these two that make your heart flutter. See more if you think you can handle the cuteness.

photograph by Wrinkle In Time Photography via OnceWed


  • lara ramos

    i *loved* once wed when i was wedding planning!! when’s your big day??

  • claire

    August 6th!

  • Pistachio

    No offense to any bride that has a big traditional wedding, but there is something about just running away and eloping. It just seems like it really is just about the two people and maybe that is why they seem exponentially in love.
    So sweet. Makes the heart sing, doesn’t it?

  • g.m.

    as someone planning a traditional wedding, my heart goes aflutter seeing wedding photos that are more organic… i think to myself, “i want my wedding to be this way,” and it’s amazing, funny, and, in the end, probably a lot more true to myself that it has ended up a lot more traditional than anticipated!
    but yes…a part of me would have loved this for myself!
    claire–what is your wedding going to be like?

  • j.jane

    uh, totally forwarded this one to at least 5 people. It is so sweet it almost makes me want to barf… in a good way.

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