The Death of Claire



Hmmm… where to begin. Claire Standish became my online identity a long time ago. For a super crappy reason that I won’t get into… I know, such a tease. I kept it going when I started the blog as a way to keep my identity private from employers or future employers. I wanted to be real with my blog, but I think being “Claire” has prevented me from being too real with you. And I don’t want to just show you guys pictures of shit I want, although I will definitely keep doing that.

I’ve noticed that my favorite blogs to read are more personal, they are open and honest and make you feel like you know them. For a little while I’ve been thinking that The Senses Five might be a little more Claire than Natalie. And Natalie is pretty cool, she also doesn’t normally speak in third person, so I’m not sure what’s happening right now. But it’s time for Claire to go. She’s had a really nice run, made things super confusing for people, and acted as a great curtain to hide behind. I hope this split personality pen name killing doesn’t totally creep you guys out. The transition will be slow, but I think the change is for the better!

Rest in peace Claire Standish.


  • Laura @ Laura Lite

    You are very brave. I think you’re doing the right thing and look forward to your upcoming posts this year!!

  • Jamie Lou

    Hurrah! Natalie is fabulous. I’m sure the world will enthusiastically agree!

  • shelby h.k.

    farewell, pen name! welcome to the world natalie! 😉

  • christine

    This made me laugh. Sayonara, Claire!

  • Emma Welford

    I was a spokesperson for 15 years for others and therefore couldn’t enter into the new social media over the past few years under my real name. After leaving politics and government work, one of the most liberating things I did was to reveal my “real identity” on my twitter account and start blogging under my own name.

    I am always concious that my parents and/or clients can read my stuff and write accordingly. If future clients or employers don’t like that I have joined the online masses, well, I think we are better off not working together.

    The moral f the story is is: You go girl! Be proud of your writing, your work, but most importantly, YOURSELF!!

  • Beth@Motor City on my Mind

    Really excited I found you blog today! I’ve been looking for bloggers based out of Michigan as I plan to move there and also because I enjoy the intellect of people from the midwest. I look forward to following along with The Senses Five!

  • natalie

    Glad to have you Beth! Congrats on moving to the best state 😉

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