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Wedding Week Day 4 – The Details: Everything was handmade, thrifted, borrowed, or sourced locally. It’s funny because a lot of people say no one will notice the little things. But I definitely did, I noticed everything done (or not done) that day. So many hands went into the production of our wedding, I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of time and work our friends and family put into everything. And I can’t leave out the wonderful Heyday Event Lab who gave us “day-of peace of mind” and more, Jamie and Terry seriously worked their butts off.

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Photographs: Lovella Photography

Amazing Geometric Piñatas: Made by Friend, you are amazing Joan!

Plates, Flower Vessels, Water Bottles: Thrifted & Collected (over a year) by Me and borrowed even more vintage bottles from a family friend, thanks Elmer!

Bouquet: Made by my Mama

Flowers: Arrange by my Mama with the help of some super special ladies, thanks Emma and Yuki!

Signage & Chuppa: Made by my Dad

Seating Chart: Made by Friend/Sister of my Sister-in-Law, thanks Sarah! I haven’t figured out what we are technically called, but I say we’re family.

Table Numbers: Made by Friends, thanks Lindsey, Tina & Rich – who collected twigs to rig these things!

Drinkware/Silverware: Borrowed ball jars from our favorite summer time bar & silverware from the camp. Plus my ‘second parents’ Ma & Pa Price made the wedding party some super sweet fancy time ball jars (you’ll see them in the reception pictures… and you’ll want them).

Execution: Every single person there helped. Moving chairs, setting up tables, hanging decor, rigging the typewriter, and things I’m surely forgetting. So grateful to my Parents, In-Laws, “Second” Parents, Friends, Family, and Heyday!


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