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Wedding Week Day 2 – The Engagement

After a walk down the highline on our trip to NYC we stopped at Moran’s for a drink and a snack. We were visiting our good friends in the city and it was day two, so in normal post night out fashion, I was dehydrated. Bub had noticed that I hadn’t used the restroom yet and forced me to drink a ton of water… it worked (TMI?). On my way back from the bathroom I noticed a box sitting on the table in front of my seat. I stopped in my tracks and shouted “what is that?” Someone said a bum dropped it off and both our friend’s had cameras in hand. So I was pretty sure what was about to happen. I cautiously sat at the table and opened the box to discover 6… count ’em, SIX, rings (from the amazing Blanca Monrós Gómez). He asked, I shook my head up and down… then I said sweet things like “shut the fuck up” and “you shithead.” I swear like a sailor when I’m happy… or surprised, or sad, or anxious, or excited, or… talking.

Our engagement was very us. It wasn’t hyped up over the top romantical. It was simple, in the moment, and in New York. The second love of my life.

What was your engagement like? Or how do you imagine it to be?


  • Erin MW

    So sweet.
    We were at home, it was quiet, no one else around- intimate. JW drew me a comic book of our lives which he gave to me before the ring. Then we went to a friend’s annual Christmas party to celebrate!

  • Christina S.

    So sweet! My husband popped the question while out for a stroll after dinner one night. I have no idea what he said, but nodded yes because I figured a man getting down on one knee and holding something shiny must mean there was an important question somewhere in his speech. It was quiet and simple and absolutely lovely.

  • jean schneider

    how sweet. i am recently engaged (13 days) and i too swear like a sailor when i’m excited, sad, or just talking. super cute!!! josh (my fiancee) proposed to me at our favorite park in town, which is where we had our first date. we were mountain biking, he asked at the top of a hill if i would like to lie in the leaves with him, he pulled out a box, insert swear words, i of course said yes. it was the best day of my life so far.

  • claire

    Thank you for sharing these great engagement stories!

  • shelby h.k.

    this is too cute…i love that you said shut the fuck up too…precious. 😉

    thank you for sharing your little love story!! happy wedding.


  • Carmella

    I adore these photos! You two look really happy and totally in the moment!! A million congrats:)

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