The Gift of Art


We’ve been slammed with weddings this year and next year there will be even more. In general, I’m not a fan of the registry,  “Congratulations! I am so happy you two found each other and to help you start your life off together here are some measuring cups and a kitchen towel.” Awkward. I understand for the bridal shower aspect, but as a wedding guest…. mmm, no. I would love to give (and receive) a beautiful piece of art, but art is such a personal item, if you don’t know the couple really well, I wouldn’t try it. But then I went to one of my favorite sites to browse, 20×200, and low and behold the gift of art. Don’t you think this would be a great wedding gift?

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  • Charity Hall

    absolutely!! It could be hung anywhere and it would fit with virtually any style. I agree with the awkwardness of the registry. Understand the idea, but still find it awkward. Do I really need to buy you a mixer? Or can I give you a more personal form of congratulations?
    LOVE your site!

  • Filipa

    I completely and utterly agree! I despise toasters and cutlery as a wedding gifts! They just seem so impersonal and such a lazy option! We want to encourage our guests to get us board games, and art is such a great idea too!

  • Lindsey

    seriously. they are so impersonal. i love the idea of art as gifts… or anything handmade, found..or gathered. speaking of, i received something in the mail for you today.

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