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When did watching TV become so uncool? I’ll admit, I don’t want to like it. I want to be cool. Be too busy tending my organic garden and bike riding and book reading in a hammock. But I’m not, so I watch tv. Here are a few of my current favorites… 

Parenthood: Watch this and then tell me you don’t get a tear or a lump in your throat or feel the urgent need to start a giant family and live in the sweetest house ever.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: The man everyone wants to be friends with. So sad it’s the last season. Although I am a big fan of the early Tony (like how I call him Tony like we’re friends), all super skinny, angry and smoking.

HGTV: Yeah, its not a show, but it is the channel that is on the most. I really love Secrets of a Stylist, because who doesn’t love Emily? And House Hunters International is always a nice dreamfest. But what we really enjoy is watching House Hunters and talking shit about the people on the show and their demands and opinions, “really granite is thaaaat important” “you wouldn’t know the difference between hardwood and laminate if  it smacked  you in the face” “oh nooooo, our marriage will be ruined without double sinks” Mean, huh?

So You Think You Can Dance: I love dance. Not that dancing with the stars ballroom garbage, but really feel it in your bones dance. The old dancer in me may or may not get a little emotional at some of those performances. And I love pretty much everything Sonya Tayeh has ever done. Totally dance nerded out on you.

So are you to cool for TV or do you have some shows you can’t get enough of?

photograph: Evert F. Baumgardner, ca. 1958. National Archives and Records Administration


  • Alicia

    My husband and I haven’t owned a TV since 2008, we lived in a yurt for a while and now we live in an old rangers cabin. We didn’t have the internet at the yurt, but now we do at the cabin, and I cannot get enough of online streaming! I’m so happy to see Parenthood at the top of your list! It is one of two shows I watch (the other is New Girl). I think I love it because I really wish I wanted a life like they have, but instead we live in the mountains 1,700 miles from family, and I just can’t imagine feeling satisfied living anywhere else.

  • simplyblythe

    i love ‘parenthood’, too.
    though we don’t have cable we do watch shows online and ‘parenthood’ is a weekly must.
    we truly miss ‘brothers and sisters’ but ‘parenthood’ has been an excellent replacement for that giant family fix.

  • Kerri Lynne

    Hahah, way to tell it like it is – when DID watching TV become uncool? I get it, we should all read books and be more cultured, but what’s so wrong with winding down at the end of the day by watching a few shows?

    I’ll have to check out Parenthood, I haven’t seen it yet! I’m totally with you about talking smack to my TV whenever House Hunters is on, haha. Of course, Real Housewives of (Insert Any Location Here) is always a guilty pleasure 🙂 and I can’t wait to check out The Mindy Project!!

  • Tricia

    I love Parenthood too. I am so glad they didn’t cancel it. There aren’t to many good 1 hour dramas on anymore, everything is either crime or reality.

  • Laura

    I love my “shows” and have a ritual whch goes along with my Show Watching ( FYI this includes Mad Men, Law and Order SUV and No reservations) I PVR all so as to eliminate commercials.
    TV watching must haves stretchy pants and softest tshirt I own, remote in easy grabbing distance,a blanket for my legs, fire going an appropriate beverage and an especially special snack and this is usually on a Sunday afternoon oh and a crochet project in hand. It is my ultimate relaxation.

    PS I have not watched last seasons mad men so no spoiler alerts!

  • Amanda

    My current favourites: HBO’s Girls and The Newsroom, and Parenthood (I want to be a Braverman!). I’m not as much of a die-hard fan as I used to be, but I still love Grey’s Anatomy.

    My favourite shows that I watched AFTER they had finished their run on television: The West Wing and Friday Night Lights.

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