Visiting: Chicago


Chicago was a good time. As usual, we didn’t plan our meals out properly and missed out on many of your wonderful Chicago eatery suggestions. But luckily we live pretty darn close, so there will be a ‘next time’ in the near future I’m sure. We did make it to Longman & Eagle for a seriously awesome brunch. I highly recommend this place. It was a short wait around noon on a Saturday, prices were reasonable, not your usual stuff brunch b.s. and the food was seriously good. Plus, they have a meal called the PBR Breakfast… so that pretty much speaks for itself.

Squarepusher was crazy. The light show was super intense as I predicted, but awesome to experience and the crowd had some really good people watching. We watched some guy dance for like an hour, I so wish there was video of it to share. Unfortunately, I had been coming down with a cold all week and I’m pretty sure the super bass brought it on full force. We left  a little bit early and I went back and fell asleep immediately. That’s what I get for pretending to be 10 yrs younger, healthy, and fun. ‘Til next time Chicago!

photos: skyline from our rooftop deck // lots of cow spotting while driving the backroads // our temporary abode // super sassy chic woman I gave directions too (with the help of my iphone) // delicious deviled eggs on pimento cheese at The Drinkingbird // St. Germain cocktail at some bar after a crappy Zara experience while Bub watched foooootball // longman & eagle // my plethora of beverages // maple fig glazed donut with bacon on top… seriously // waiting for our table // longman & eagle’s tagline, also my bubba’s tagline



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